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Author Topic: First Dance: Beauty Fades  (Read 133 times)

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First Dance: Beauty Fades
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:29:00 PM »
“I just hope you find peace within you before you die like a miserable worm,” was the last thing she heard before the black pond swallows her under, turning all she could see into blackness. However sight isn’t the only sense one has. For she can feel a force on her neck tightening and tightening, as if the liquid itself is trying to crush her neck with an invisible pair of hands. The coldness feeling like a thousand knives slotting in and out Jester’s back as they taunt her to try gasping for air that isn’t there at all.

Death would be quick, simple and hurt for a moment before giving off to peace. This however is nothing like that, not at all. Everything is so slow…torturous…taunting. Her bones shaking violently inside and her organs squishing against each other. Each vibration agonising and damaging. How can someone considered a hero consider this as a better sentence than death? That is probably something bulldozing through the black haired woman’s mind if it wasn’t for the sounds of bones crushing, cracking and crumbling down to smaller sizes, the feeling of her organs being punctured, forcefully stretched and violently shrunk down and the unbearable pain of it all.

“Congratulations! It’s a girl!” Jester’s eyes slowly open to be gifted by the sight of giants. Giants all in white or light blue, each one wearing a pair of blue gloves while possessing some plastic across their lips. They all look down upon her with huge eyes as the loudest thing she could hear was an unknown, maybe muffled, sound of crying.

Her own crying.

“What do you want to call her?” one with an odd kind of hat say as they wrap her tiny body in a towel of some kind before handing her little frame over to a scruffy, sweaty, heavily panting woman of raven black hair who looks down until bundle.

“I think I’ll call her…” she lifts Jester up and a smile crawls its way across her weakened face “…Lyralei.”

Years have passed since that day that changed the rest of Red Star Jester’s life.

And right now we find ourselves outside a McDonald's. Why? Because sitting by one of the benches is Red Star Jester herself…with a few happy meals sitting in front of her on the table. Maybe The Red Jester enjoy things with the word happy in it? Or maybe this odd woman just has a very unhealthy diet for a professional competitor? Whatever’s the case it didn’t take long for Jester, who has a couple fries stick out her mouth in a way similar to tusks, to spot us and greet us with a smile.

“Did you know that it is not long to go until my first dance? Did you also know that many would say that the first dance is often the hardest? To enter an unknown environment, home of many that simply do not want you there at all and perform all the lights blaring down upon you. One would think that someone would end up crumbling under the scrutinising eyes of skepticism and criticism and end up, well, embarrassing themselves…

But I look at this so much differently. Why fear what one does not know? What has happened to what doesn’t kill you makes you stranger? Why should I be worried about embarrassing myself? The answer is simpler than the question…I simply don’t. I’ve lived a life of many colours, many loves, many hates and many failed desires. So when someone comes up to me and ask about people’s hate for me I simply say this…people tend to have more things of apparent hate to say behind someone’s back than to their face. Well if anyone has an issue with me then I always open to a chat…

Well except for when the bell rings, Bianca, for the both of us are competitors. She is much more experienced, as well as older than me and can ever so easily use that as some form of edge. After all, someone like her can turn anything into a weapon to turn my debut into a time of nightmare until the dying moments. How unfortunate for her that - unlike her shot of becoming 4CW Champion at Fright Night - I will not die. If anything I will survive through everything she wants and will launch at me.

Even in my time of dying I will not die. If Miss Reed wants to get rid of me then she’ll have to poison me, stab me, choke me, blow me and try her absolute best not to enjoy it too much. But even then, even then, I will kick out and continue to fight on…for, like all monsters, I’ll never stay down. Be it a minute, an hour, a week or even three months I will always get back up, I will always claw back and I will always rise, rise, rise my way to victory…a victory that’ll be ever so sweet this Wednesday.”

More and more the milky skinned woman eats the fast food in front of her as she speaks to us, as if not caring what anyone seeing this could possibly think about the curvy young lady. However Jester’s words did trail off at the realisation that her happy meals are now empty, promoting a momentary pout across her face as she pulls out her phone, log onto her Twitter account and check the first thing on her timeline.

“A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power…”

Jester quotes what she saw and immediately shook her head with a rather amused expression before returning her attention to us as she stands up off her seat.

“Talk of beauty and faces are only spoken by stupid people for, like we’ll find out this Wednesday…”

Both the edges of her lips and her eyes deviously sharpen.

“Beauty fades.”

Barely manages to escape this oddball’s lips before she burst into an almost tormented fit of laughter, as if it is hurting her but at the same time impossible for her to stop. So, with a shiver down our spine, we slowly back away and make our leave.