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Author Topic: You're So Plastic and It's Tragic  (Read 133 times)

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You're So Plastic and It's Tragic
« on: November 10, 2019, 09:02:28 PM »
“Hey yo chica, do you like my glorious soccer mom hair?”

Rebecca Thoreau is sitting cross legged on the plush carpet of her living room as she holds a Ken doll in one hand. From somewhere in the background, likely behind the comfortable white sectional sofa, the sound of her two dogs moving around can be heard. The Thoreau home she shares with her husband appears to be quite tastefully decorated despite the boastful ways of both herself and Nikolas. The varied accomplishments they both share hanging upon the walls with a sense of obvious pride.

Her usual tone of voice is gone for the moment as she moves the Ken doll around with a sense of false bravado to match the deep voice she was using to mimic Mariano Fernandez. Or at the very least the vision of him that was clearly inside the mind of Rebecca. The Ken doll she holds is appropriately dressed in a black leather jacket often worn by Fernandez to various wrestling shows. Rebecca uses two fingers from her free hand to further tease the brown hair on the top of the doll’s head before she begins to laugh clearly amused with what she was doing.

Rebecca places her free hand down towards her side, reaching for something she had placed there earlier when she first took her seat, and with a flourish she presents a Barbie doll that she moves around in circles closer to the Ken doll before she begins to speak with a giggle.

“Oh Manny! You’re SO silly!”

“Tis nothing chica, anything for you, for your honor!”


As Rebecca moves the Barbie doll closer to the Ken doll even more, to the point where she is practically pushing them up against each other like a child would do to indicate kissing, the tone of her voice has now been flipping upwards to mimic one used by a valley girl.

“...oh Manny, you should show me how much you love me, if you know what I mean…”

“Aye chica… there’s a slight problem with that…”

Once again, Rebecca is using the deep voice to mimic Mariano before she takes the Barbie doll and tosses it behind where she is sitting letting it land somewhere close to the dogs. Her focus solely upon the Ken doll that she is using as a prop to mock Mariano.

“The problem being that you don’t have any balls, right?”

Rebecca speaks in her normal tone of her voice with her eyes narrowed as she looks down at the doll in her hand. Her fingertips clenching tighter around the small plastic figure.

“Don’t act so surprised I called you a pushover for accepting every single challenge that comes your way Manny. It doesn’t make you the hero, if anything it makes you weak, to pander to the masses the way you keep doing. Why else do you think you keep failing to reach any kind of true potential like you have before in the past? The mere fact that it bothers you enough to go on a long winded rant over one single word is all the proof I need. It took almost no effort at all on my part to get under your skin and you’re going to try to tell me I don’t belong here? I don’t belong in YOUR house? Is that right?”

Rebecca scoffs clearly insulted by such a thought and even more by who dared to speak it out loud. Her grip remains strong on the Ken doll that she begins to wave around slightly.

“I’m going to let that one slide because clearly you were still in a state of shock over losing your Pride title at Fright Night. Otherwise you would know me well enough to be aware of the fact that I belong anywhere I damn well please. In fact, since everyone simply loves to bring this up, it’s about damn time that I address the constant elephant in the room. The ghost of Bad Company.”

“If you think you’re hurting me by mentioning how I lost Bad Company? You’re not. I’m not crying myself to sleep every single night over something that happened months ago because I live in the present. This is clearly a foreign concept for a lot of people which makes me sad. In fact at this point I’ve more glad than anything I lost, because where is Cyrus Riddle in my life? Nowhere that I can see and still people keep bringing him up like he has a factor in what I’m doing now. Is that truly the worst that can be aimed in my direction? That’s pathetic. It’s even worse coming from Manny who lost his tag team titles at Bad Company, but he’s going to try psyching me out prior to our match by bringing up me teaming with Riddle? It didn’t work for Bianca Reed when she tried this tactic, so I don’t see why it would work for you Manny.”

“At this point you’re making me regret any amount of credit that I tried to give you. Sure, it wasn’t very much, but it was there which counts. In typical Manny fashion you had to come in and destroy it all for absolutely no good reason. No wonder you’re so obsessed with the glory days of the past when it comes to your career. You don’t know anything else. You don’t know how to live in the actual present of reality. Every single thing that happens in Manny’s life is simply going back and forth in a circular motion like a big giant waste of time. It appears that we’ve reached the portion of the cycle where Manny talks about redemption, but how many times has he given that speech? How many shots does one man get at actual redemption?”

“It feels almost like Manny has no idea of the actual meaning of the word because it has nothing to do with attempting to dig himself out of his own personal ditch of recent failures. How else can we properly describe Manny having lost possession of both of his championship belts and being left seeking his purpose here in what he claims to be HIS house? Maybe if 4CW was an actual living dollhouse that might be a little bit more accurate as my little plastic friend here knows quite well from his own personal experience.”

To further emphasize her point, Rebecca holds up the Ken doll, and with both of her hands she makes him do a splits with both of his legs. The ease in which she is able to manipulate the doll that she is holding brings enough amusement to Rebecca where she begins to laugh out loud.

“It’s that easy to make Manny start jumping through some hoops to get what you want out of the man. A word I use quite loosely when I’m describing him to be quite honest. It shouldn’t be that easy to manipulate an actual man who can back up his boastful claims, but that appears to be the fatal flaw Mariano Fernandez continues to possess to this day. He’s so blinded to his own ignorance that he fails to catch onto all of the hypocrisy that comes spilling out of his mouth.”

“Giving me a thinly veiled threat about the dangers of coming after his family and how I’ll suffer at his hands if I even dare to try. Your collection of blondes who hang off your every single word hardly counts as family Manny. If those girls are what you consider family, what’s the deal with the two virgins you hang out with for every single 4CW showing? Right after you made such a threat, about your precious little family, you went ahead and started to make comments about my husband and my best friend. People that to me are actual family. Do you not see the fatal flaw in your little hero fantasy you have built up inside of your own head?”

Rebecca continues to manipulate the legs of the Ken doll as she is speaking, almost as if she was taking great pleasure in being able to move him about in any manner that she pleases.

“Or does it become magically okay because you are the one saying these things instead of the other way around? I imagine you do walk around with some blinders so that you can avoid the harsh reality you’re unprepared for as an adult. Please continue to deflect all of those nagging little insecurities gnawing away at you after that big loss at Fright Night. Go ahead and talk like I’m lesser to Julie, no idea where that logic comes from, when we’ve both had success in our careers as singles competitors before taking our tag team more seriously. Sorry to burst that bubble. I bet you were praying and wishing that throwing me under The Conglomerate bus would be enough to make me start doubting my own abilities.”

“Too bad I’m coming in with a big reality check for you there Manny when I inform you that my husband is the kind of man who worships the ground I walk upon and constantly sells my career as being one of the best he has ever witnessed. So no, bad news for you, I have never once felt lesser compared to my tag team partner, my husband, or the stable that took me in while they established a high level of dominance inside of the ring. It’s painfully obvious that even though we’ve met in the ring before, you clearly have no idea who you’re dealing with, and I’m going to have to make it crystal clear in front of everyone in attendance once we’ll be in Chicago.”

Rebeca straightens out the legs of the Ken doll as she wraps her fingers around the waist tightly making a fist with her hand. She begins to shake the doll back and forth in a violent manner.

“I’m going to expose you for what you really are Manny, no more of that false hero bravado, and no more of pandering to the ridiculous. You’re nothing more than cheap plastic. An imitation of what a real man is supposed to be and while some are easily fooled, we won’t name them, the rest of the world can see beyond the illusion. That’s the sad reality when plastic begins to crack from all of the pressure. Let’s be blunt about it, okay? I won’t sugarcoat things for you and that’s because I’m just that much of a considerate person. Nobody wants Ken. The only reason there would be for Ken to be part of someone’s collection is that Barbie needs her little boy toy. We’ve learned along the way that he offers nothing of merit or value on his own. Of course now you’ve found your own Barbie, that weak spot you make far too easy to exploit, but the only reason for them to even be brought up is because you make it painfully obvious it gets under your skin.”

“That’s what I like to do Manny. I like to pick at scabs until they are bleeding. I’ll keep on digging the more I see someone getting uncomfortable and I’ll take great pleasure in being the reason they’ve allowed themselves to become so upset. I hope you are upset going into our match. I’m wishing for that to be the case right now. I want you to lose that cool, to lose your focus, and to become a victim of your own weakened state. Not because you lost your titles, but because you were always weak from the very beginning. Even back when you sitting at the very top of the ladder in 4CW as the champion. Who even remembers that reign now? Is that the crowning glory in the story of Mariano Fernandez or is it the fact that he's a human punching bag?”

Once again, Rebecca is reaching for something besides where she is sitting, and this time it is revealed that what she holds in her other hand is a lighter. Her eyes remain focused upon the lens of the camera as she flicks the lighter until the small orange flame appears.

“Plastic can’t stand the heat and that’s the grim reality Manny is so desperate to avoid for as long as he continues to step foot inside of the ring. So he continues to throw himself at every single opportunity and challenge in the hopes it’ll be enough to give him some substance.”

“Not this time and not at my expense. I won’t allow for the human equivalent of a Ken doll use me as his stepping stone to get his much needed redemption. Better luck next time, mang.”

Rebecca pauses for a moment as she allows that final statement to sink in before she guides the flame closer to the Ken doll watching as the hair is the first thing to catch fire before the rest of the plastic doll starts to slowly melt down from the heat of the fire. Rebecca is about to stand up when the camera is set down in a panic and her husband, Nikolas Thoreau, is jumping out with a bottle of water to put an end to the flames - soaking his wife in the process of his heroic rescue.

“Papi CHULO!!!”
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