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Author Topic: "Statements Left To Make..."  (Read 115 times)

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"Statements Left To Make..."
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:11:39 PM »
Well. Winter was finally starting to show up to an extent. Toby had to admit he hadnít completely hated it still being warm in the middle of October. Now reality was setting in. Chicago was getting colder. Although it wasnít close to as bad as it had been last year when temperatures dipped well below negative. The air was still chilly and it wasnít made any better by the fact there was a light drizzle pouring down around him. Not enough to leave him soaking wet, but enough to be an inconvenience he didnít want to deal with at the moment. He should have brought an umbrella like his sister had harped on about before he left the house. He would never admit to her she was right. So he just managed to grumble and pull his hood to his jacket up over his head and stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked closer towards his destination.

With every step Toby took he felt a slight twinge of pain. Heíd never admit it anyone but he still didnít believe he was one hundred percent after his fall from the top of the cage at Warzone of Horrors. With every step he still felt the reminder of what he had done. Most people in his shoes would be miserable. However Toby felt more satisfied than anything else. Proud of what he had done. He took the pain and wore it like a badge of honor. He wasnít disappointed in himself for not winning the 4CW Championship. No he felt he had taken much more satisfaction in what he had done to Logan Traeger. The impact of that statement and what he had done was felt throughout the whole locker room. He just knew it.

If the weather was warm he would be wearing his scraps and bruises with honor. He would show all the cuts but it was too cold for those theatrics. Besides all people had to do was look at his face to get an idea. His eye had been swollen and bruised. Glass had managed to create small cuts on his face that were slowly working on healing but he hadnít let that stop him from working. From making sure he would be ready for the next opponent that 4CW put in front of him, or Underground for that matter. He walked down the street until he made it to his destination. He looked up at the tall arena. The United Center. So many shows he had witnessed here. Concerts, and other shit people had dragged him to. Now he was stepping inside and being the one center stage. Wild how quickly things could change. He smirked as he began to speak.

ďThis show is best case scenario for me to be honest. I donít even have to leave the comforts of my hometown. 4CW is right on my doorstep. Now I could be like some stupid fuck and say this show has all the meaning in the world for me. A case for me to be a Hometown Hero of sorts. People should cheer me and say Heís One of Us. But honestly I donít give a single fuck what anyone thinks of me, and no one moreso then the people here in Chicago. They arenít special because they live in the same city as me. I donít want their fake praise and cheers for me that are about as empty as the space between their ears is.Ē

ďNo. Iím more happy that the most I have to do for this show is call me an Uber a couple of hours before the bell rings. Thank you for that 4CW and really. Perfect timing. I mean after the Warzone of Horrors. You put me in the best position possible. Gave me plenty of downtime. Minimal travel, and oh look. A debuting rookie hopeful for me to make quick work of. Like Iíve been doing with almost everyone thatís been put in front of me. I suppose itís me getting what I deserve after what I put myself through in the Warzone.Ē
ďAll Iíve been seeing is people wanting to know why I did that. Why would I ruin my own chances at being at the top of this company, just to destroy Logan Traeger. Itís simple really. I did it because he crossed me. He put himself in the middle of a battle he had no place in. He should have let me and that bitch Rebecca handle our business on our own, but no he couldnít do that. Instead he put a target on his back and when I got back up from that I made it clear that he was an example to be made of.Ē

The light drizzle seemed to ease up for the time being and Toby was all too happy to remove the hood from blocking his face as he looked into the camera. The light from the street lamps illuminating his face in rather dull and shitty lighting. Which didnít do his scraps any justice to make them look any better. Not that he fucking cared.

This was more about making a point and the appearance of his face in this state only further helped sell his point. Which was important he supposed. Selling himself as a good wrestler when in reality he wished all he had to do was go out and let his wrestling speak for itself. Nope. He had to talk. It was the only way people really took you serious. He sighed and shook his head thinking more about his thought process than the camera in front of him but he made sure that it wasnít apparent by the way he focused his gaze on the camera and whoever might be watching him.

ďI mean since Iíve been here Iíve made a point to show everyone that I wasnít going to be taken lightly. In one on one matches Iíve lined them all up and knocked them all down. Statements made in their own right, but I still felt as if the delivery? Was missing something. Like they werenít big enough. That people werenít taking me serious. Nothing made me more sure of that then when I heard the other Warzone competitors talk about me as if I wasnít much of a threat to them and their precious goals.Ē

ďI think that actually did bother me truthfully. So I decided that during the Warzone Iíd make sure they got the message. That if you cross me Iím not above killing both of us to prove a point. So when Logan crossed me and the opportunity presented itself? I took him out. I didnít even blink. I felt the rush of blood to my head and all sound was null and void and the next thing I knew I was sending Logan and Myself tumbling off the top of the cage. We hit the tables and the glass and as it cut my skin. As I watched it utterly destroy Logan? Iíve never felt more alive.Ē

ďNow I know during the match the competitors werenít thinking about much else besides trying to win but I hope they went back and really paid attention to what happened to Logan because at any moment that could be one of you. I took time off of Loganís career of that Iím sure. I made him second guess his place in this industry. I saw it on Twitter. I saw what I put him through. Not just physically. But mentally. Thatís the message I intended to send. That I donít give a fuck how great you think you are, or how great you were somewhere else. I have no problem taking us both out if it means you suffer.Ē

ďWhen I fell. When the glass and wood tore flesh?! I felt alive. When I woke up in the hospital not long after I was smiling. I was happy. I couldnít hear my sister fussing over me. How I nearly gave her a heart attack. Couldnít hear my brother or sister in law. No the sound of replaying what I had done in my mind was deafening. All the pain, the adrenaline rush. Thatís why Iím here. Thatís what Iíve been saying I wanted from the get go. Iím not going to stop until I feel that high again. I donít care who I have to go through. I donít care what it takes. I just want to keep destroying. The only way I get to do that is by continuing to win these one on one matches and showing that I deserve those special moments. Those special stipulations that would allow me to get that high back that the Warzone gave me.Ē

The smile that crossed his lips was genuine. Which was an odd feeling for him. Toby didnít smile much in his life. He didnít feel he had much to smile about. Maybe his family but even them for the most part he didnít make a habit of sharing his emotions. It was genuine because he had finally found something that made him happy.

That made him feel alive, and all it took was throwing himself off the top of a cage and destroying another human being. Now he just had to work his way back to getting exactly what he wanted. More opportunities to do that, and learning how to turn it into more than just a statement. A big win. Which meant putting everyone down that got put in front of him until it was impossible for the higher ups to ignore him or deny him what he wanted.

ďSo in order to do that I have to go through this rookie Brax Clova. Havenít heard much from her. Looks like one of the dime a dozen bitches I used to go to Wrestling School with. Pushing themselves to be top of their class because they are so god damn desperate for approval from others. To be popular and loved. Those types always disgust me. You can tell they are overcompensating for the fact their entire life they haven't amounted to much of anything besides failure. I mean you could argue the same for me but then again I havenít really wanted to succeed. Iíve been in control of my fate my entire life and have accepted that there were always meant to be those false leads of what I was meant to be.Ē

ďNo I think Iíve found what I was meant to do. It was to be an unleashed animal in the ring of professional wrestling. I have tried to spend time finding out some things that Brax has done. Anything to show me that I should view her as a threat. You could argue the unknown is something that is very threatening but I think in this case itís safe to say Brax isnít something that I should be worried about on my way back to making an even more dangerous statement then the one I made at the Warzone of Horrors.Ē

ďI donít give a fuck about your struggles to be here Brax. Your generic just happy to be here vibe youíll probably drop in the hopes it will get you somewhere. All itís going to get you is spiked on your head. Your coming into this company hopeful you can mount some momentum. To make a statement of your own right off the bat. Hell anyone in your position would be looking to do exactly that but you got the unluckiest draw of them all. Youíre not getting a clown who lacks complete self awareness besides posting half nude photos with stupid captions. Youíre not getting the loser on a streak in Edgar.Ē

Toby let out a chuckle as at that moment the rain picked back up. Great. Just when he was ready to light a cigarette. Of course. He had already spent way too much time talking and it was costing him value time to do something heíd actually rather be doing. He looked up at the United Center again. Letting a silence fill the air for a long time. Truthfully it wasnít meant to be an impactful moment. He was just calming his own irritation at not being able to pull a cigarette out and light it without it getting wet and being a bitch to light. He shook it off and just then a car pulled up. His Uber to take him home. Thank fuck. He started walking towards the car making sure to look from his path to the camea as he walked and talked at the same time.

ďNo you got the man that proved only a couple of weeks ago that he doesnít give a single fuck about anyoneís life, including his own. That I will do whatever it takes and will stop at nothing to make sure that my statement is heard. That what I want to happen is exactly what happens. I didnít let anyone take me out of the Warzone Equation. I handled that myself and I made sure to take someone with me. Iím not looking to take myself out in this match. This is going to be as simple as two plus two. Like all the rest of the matches Iíve had here where Iíve had to rely on just myself. I walk in. Lull you into a false sense of security like you have a chance in hell of beating me and then I deliver the kill shot. I win. You lose. There is no other outcome because I simply donít want anything else. I control my fate, and I say Brax? You donít have a sliver of a chance when that bell rings. Iíd wish you luck. Everyone knows youíre going to need it but all the luck in the world wonít help you. Not when you step into the ring with me. Your time may come one day Brax, but not when you step into my ring. In my city. On my terms but honestly Iím bored with talking about it. Iíll have a lot more fun showing you exactly what I mean at Adrenaline.Ē

Toby smirked and didnít give much else reaction as he opened the back door to his rideís car and slipped inside closing the door behind him and letting the camera fade out on the carís brake lights as it drove down the street.