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NAME: Unknown. (Will eventually be revealed through development.)
NICKNAME: Kestrel.
DATE OF BIRTH: January 3rd, 1990. (Such is not public knowledge yet, though.)
PROFESSIONAL DEBUT: April of 2015 (Sorry, but there's no exact date. I couldn't find the show in her first fed.)
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 141 lbs
BILLED FROM: Las Vegas, Nevada
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Torture" by Picture Me Broken
PICBASE: Taylor Momsen, Pretty Reckless edition.
TWITTER HANDLE: @downplunged

Kestrel is haughty and aloof with a chip the size of Jupiter on her shoulder. She's unabashed about her past work as an exotic dancer, and she's certainly not above using her looks to get opponents to underestimate her. There's very little she won't do to give herself an advantage, as a matter of fact. She's manipulative--she's an Oscar-level actress when she has to be, as a matter of fact--and there are very few lines she will not cross.  Veterans that try to 'ride off of their past accomplishments' (so basically all of them in her eyes, unless they've got a use to her) are targets of scorn, as are people that get anything vaguely resembling preferential treatment. Of course, her own machinations make her a hypocrite... but she openly acknowledges it, along with how she always does what she calls 'changing the narrative' to suit her. Such is how she has learned to survive, and she's become damned good at it. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of her opponents thusfar, her in-ring ability has only served to back up her superiority complex, one that is incredibly deep-rooted in fertile soil she won't discuss the origins of.

Kestrel's build is not as curvy as one would expect from a former stripper. She's rather lean overall, but moments of tension reveal that she's got what many would refer to as 'farm kid' muscles--dense and close to her frame rather than being more show-y. Pale thanks to a nocturnal schedule, there are numerous scars littering alabaster skin, and her nose has the distinct look of having been broken before.

Black leather embossed with the pattern of falling feathers is what Kestrel's ring gear is made of. Booty shorts that come dangerously close to being panties are paired with a sports bra that laces up the front, a bit of pale cleavage showing itself. Black wrist tape is wound about her wrists, and knee-high black combat boots with a slight heel finish it off.

WRESTLING STYLE: Kestrel's submissions-based style is designed to either take out an opponent's upper body... or their lower body, with the ability to switch on the fly present. She is absolutely vicious and ruthless once the bell rings, and absolutely methodical in how she tears her opponents apart. On those instances where she feels particularly disrespected, she will keep holds locked in long after the bell rings--and it will take the referee a lot of effort to get her to let go. On a side note; while she will cheat, it's not very often that she does. She prefers little shortcuts to get to the ropes, for example. On one memorable occasion, she wrapped her legs around a ref's leg and let him drag her close enough to the ropes for her to get ahold of.

1. Single arm DDT.
2. Armbreaker.
3.  ARMBAR~!
4. Armdrag.
5. Elbows to the... well, elbow.
6. Arm wringer.
7. Smashing an elbow off the ring post.
8. Shoulder stunner.
9. Rope-assisted hammerlock.
10. Knee spike.
11. Various kicks to the knees.
12. Chop block.
13. Heel hook.
14. Knee stomp.
15. Dragon screw.
16. Knee twist.
17. Smashing a knee on the ring steps/ring post.
18. Sitting splash to the knee.
19. Single knee facebreaker.
20. Spinning headlock elbow drop.
21. Floating neckbreaker.
22. Neckbreaker.

Haggard Landing: Hammerlock legsweep DDT.
Clipping Feathers: Kimura Lock.
Grounding Vines: Nagata Lock I.
Snagged Creance: '68 Comeback Special

Broken Wings: Omoplata.
Tangled Jesses: Shin Grapevine with Achilles Tendon Hold, otherwise known as Hollywood and Vine.

There's not very much that can be concretely pointed at when it comes to Kestrel's background before professional wrestling. Rumors abound about where the blond grew up ranging from her being abandoned on the streets to her escaping a cult as a youth, but she doesn't deign to respond to any of it. About all the more that is concrete is a known association with Jada 'Sinn' Kaine and a few years as a headlining stripper at The Killer Queen in Las Vegas. Who trained her is a mystery, though there's many an option considering Jada's influence... and none of them are particularly known for their, ah, kindness.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

That lack of mercy translated into the ring, where Kestrel--after a false start in GIW, one that ended thanks to the influence of a veteran that didn't much care for her disregard for their seniority--went on to utter domination in the Volatile Wrestling Alliance. Within three matches, she had a shot at the High Voltage Championship... and after she took the title from a very game Aaron Rupp, she continued her winning streak right up until she ran into someone that was as vicious as she was in Faith Skyler.The Volatile Wrestling Alliance closed soon after, with Kestrel as the last reigning High Voltage Champion. A brief run in EWC was cut short when she became the object of a former defeated opponent's obsession, legal issues--along with the very real threat to her safety--forcing her out of the spotlight until her safety coud be secured. Now that the court battles are over and the appropriate actions have been taken, she has chosen to return to wrestling as part of 4CW's roster for reasons that will, surely, become clear.

...for better or for worse.

  • "name" Championship (#x)
  • "name" Championship (#x)

  • VWA "High Voltage" Championship (#1)

The overhead lights dim as the sound of a chopper flying overhead fills the air, the opening for 'Torture' taking over a few seconds later. As the song kicks into proper gear alongside of Layla Brooklyn Allman's scream, lights of a muted shade of pink and white swirl out over the crowd as smoke rises up through the grating of the rampway, the crowd filling the air with their boos in anticipation for the woman that is about to come out. The song jumps to the chorus as Kestrel emerges from the back, the slender blond thrusting her fists over her head garnering more of that heated reaction... though such is not something that she seems concerned with. Rather, it appears that the gesture is for her own benefit, and hers alone if one goes by the deep breath she takes before she's in motion anew.

POWERS: "Making her way to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 141 pounds... she is KEEEEEESTREEEEL!"

 As she makes her way down the ramp, it becomes readily apparent that she's not paying the crowd much of a reaction at all-- even a brave fan's successful attempt to run his fingers through the long strands of her hair is ignored beyond the faintest flick of her head away from the touch. Climbing the stairs, Kestrel puts her back to the ring ropes as she looks out over the crowd, though it could be argued quite easily that she's looking past them. A subtle shake of her head and she's kicking off the ring apron to flip into the ring, landing lightly on her feet. From there, she merely makes her way over to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

I'll do this when it's needed, if that's alright.

NAME: Kris.
AGE: 36.
EXPERIENCE: 11 Years-ish?
PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT: PM, Twitter DM, Discord upon request.