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Still Breathing
« on: January 30, 2020, 07:58:14 AM »
Johnnyyyyy. My head was heavy... pounding... voices sounded ghostly. I was dragging my feet, my eyes burned every time I tried to open them. The camera guy kept stepping in my way and the train see wouldn’t stop grabbing at my arms. I shoved my way passed the few people trying to do their jobs so I could do mine. I needed to regroup, rethink... replan. The iron was starting to swell. The tip was starting to beat red but I would only strike when it’s white hot.

“Johnny! Johnny, you need to come this way!” I could hear them yelling but it passed right through me. I couldn’t stop grabbing at my neck with every swallow of saliva I could muster up in my attempt to remain hydrated. Man I could go for a bottle of water and a hot shower. They needed to leave me alone. “JOHNNY!”

They were screaming now.

I turn my attention towards the the greying man in the tight t-shirt outlining his football coach dad-bod sporting the perfect little triangle of hair underneath his bottom lip that had a good peak of white at the end of a fading black beard. He stops dead in his trainer short shorts causing a traffic jam of producers and other arena staff.

“Come here for a second.” I say as I grab the lens of the camera. The camera man put up a struggle before I ultimately won that war. I may have just had a wrestling match but I’ll be damned if I’m bested by the 26 year old burnout in khaki shorts. I readjust it and get a good selfie shot with the large equipment. I wipe off the lens and give it a knock. Hello? McFly?


“Hello? Dakota? Are you there? It’s me... Johnny.”

I did my best to balance the camera with my forearm as I try to get more than just a headshot. It looks like a bad vacation video angle.

“You did it, didn’t you? You got me! I ran at you with just about every thing I had from suicide dives to stalling brain busters. You mingled with the crowd, I mingled with the crowd... there was no holds barred and you found a hold so good it was unbreakable.” I begin to wrap the camera’s cord back around my neck like it’s a new fashion trend. Two times in one night.

“But you know what the problem is, Dakota? Back in the day Dakota, I used to have a very good friend. This very good friend once upon a time had some very... sick and unbalanced thoughts. He was depressed and overcome with emotion, anger... sadness. And one day, he goes in to his bathroom and he... slips that little belt out of the bathrobe hanging off the bathroom door. He ties its soft fabric around his neck once... twice... he waits. He takes a deep breath and he pulls. He pulls as hard as he can and he keeps pulling. His face goes red, his heart beats faster... he gets hot. His body starts to panic but he tries to fight it off. His vision is going blurry but he’s accepted it... you know... his fate. And as fast as a droplet of water drips from the tap, it’s all black. He crumples to the ground, still breathing.”

“And that’s your problem Dakota... I’m still breathing.”

“I’m still breathing and even though you thought you left this body laying in a broken heap, here before you... I stand. I wait. I’m loose, Dakota. I’m unleashed... I’m unhinged. You see Dakota, I came at you like a rabid dog looking for help. But what happens when a dog gets rabies Dakota? Well... you put that bitch down. And what did you do? You let go of the rope. And now... it’s my turn to play. You might think it’s “night night Johnny”... but you’ve woken a beast.”

“This isn’t over. This is far from over. This was a warning shot... next time the gunslinger won’t miss.”


I pull off the loops of cord from my neck as I shove the camera back in the burnout’s chest. I leave both men with a scowl on my face, rubbing my neck back on my way to the locker room, everyone too afraid to trail behind. Revenge... that was the only thing left to do.