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By Eden Connors and Leela Watts


Assumptions. If people had nothing to say about someone else, they would come up with stories. It was nothing new, and far from being creative. Eden Connors had learned that lesson pretty early in her career. No matter where she went, people tried to get her down by talking themselves up. Often enough with no substance to their spoken words. And while it would irritate her back then, it made her laugh now.

Best example: Thot Chocolate. A team that thought of themselves as the creme de la creme of this industry. The golden standard and whatever else they could come up with. They were ruthless in their methods but helpless in their stupidity. A little something Eden probably would never say out loud, but her Scottish blood often enough made it hard to shut her mouth. Especially when people like Cartier tried to insult Leela. Or when SILK in his delusional episodes tried to make sense. Awkward, huh?

There was this time the young Eden Connors would measure her own career with others. Seeing their success instead of hunting her own dreams. She made mistakes. So did Leela. So did probably every serious competitor in the wrestling business. Of course not Thot Chocolate. Although, do they even know anything about their own career? But the GND said it last time and wouldn’t get tired to repeat: There is a time for talking, and being social media heroes. But there is also a time to live up to your words. Fact.

Today I’m a better version of myself than yesterday.


Today was an important day for the young team, something that excited them probably as much as the girls in front of them. A few weeks ago a high school had reached out, asking if they had time to visit and give their wrestling team a little speech. Pep talk the cool kids would call it. And while Eden was asking herself: Why us? Leela was head over heels from the beginning on. After a relatively eventless road trip, they now were standing in front of some teenagers, of both sexes.

Puberty is a bish.

Some of the guys almost drooled listening to what LeLe had to say, hanging on her every word. Eden hid the fact that she wanted to burst out laughing, her thoughts drifting off. Which was a good plan until her partner poked her in the ribs, giving her the stage- made of old, sweaty mats.

“Success doesn’t come overnight. That is the first thing you have to learn for your life, no matter which way you decide to go. Your trainer was reaching out and told us about the story of your team. How you have gotten so close to winning the national wrestling tournament, but then always came off short. It sucks. That is the real truth and it won’t get easier. But if anyone can tell you about defeat, then it's us- The Girls Next Door.”

She looked over at Leela who for a split second looked down on her shoes.

“But no matter how many times you have been defeated, you’re still here. And that is what you might adapt from us. We’re not always the bright winners, but not once did we give up. Ever since we started our career we’ve been faced with doubters and people calling us off. Were they right? Here and there. Look at Leela, she wouldn’t be where she is today if he listened to them. Or myself after destroying both my knees. But we had a reason to come back. And that reason is people like you that support us and believe that tomorrow will be a better day. We dedicated our whole career to our fans and we never been quiet about it. Saying that I might have to drift off for a second, may I?”

The young adults looked at her, nodding. Some of them seemed so eager they nearly fell forward.

“If you wanna gain something in your life you need a fundament. The fans are exactly that. But also they are our drive. Our reason to work harder than anyone in this business. Now one has to wonder what happens if you don’t have that. You become something like Thot Chocolate. Usually, I would say no offense, but I think we can agree that this train has left the station. Every match they walk in they fight for something else. Money, Fame, Family, Culture, etc. Aren’t you getting centrifugal trauma from that? The truth is this, they got no solid base. They change as much as the weather, trying to fit the theme of the week. Getting the attention they didn’t when they were kids. Or what do I know, I am no psychologist. Thankfully. Half the time I don’t want to know what is going on in the heads of my opponents, especially not those with multiple personalities. Right, Cartier? One day you respect my skills, the next you try to start pointless fights via social media. It’s kinda amusing how little that woman knows herself.”

Eden shrugged her shoulders while looking in the face of those young people. Leela had listened intently to the words of her partner Eden and nodded along with what she was saying. She then turned her attention towards the teenagers herself and with a smile began to speak.

“Your team has been seen as a great team, but when it comes down to getting to that Championship you’re always viewed as the Underdogs. I know how it’s easy to view that as a negative thing but Eden and I? We’re viewed the same way a lot. People think because we are so nice that we are easy to walk all over and we have proven that’s not the case. Use being an Underdog to your advantage. Embrace it. Everyone loves a true underdog story. Eden and I are living one right now in 4CW with the way our opponents act and treat us. They’re the best and we aren’t. In spite of us beating them. That’s okay, it's going to make our Underdog Story that much better and it’s going to stand the test of time with the other Underdog Stories. With your Story as a team as well I have no doubt.”

“In fact. Cartier and Silk have spent every week telling the world we don’t deserve another Title Opportunity because we already lost one. I don’t think that’s true for any team. Your sports team kids. Nor our Tag Team. So you lost one Championship Opportunity? It doesn’t make you any less deserving to pick yourself up and go for the next one. It just means you gotta fight back harder. Learn from your mistakes. People, that try to push you down like this? They do it because they feel threatened. They want to push the competition down. They want to make you doubt yourself, but Eden and I don’t doubt ourselves when it comes to our abilities to beat Thot Chocolate again and continue making an argument for why we feel we deserve to be still fighting to be Champions.”

She looked over at Eden with a grin and then gave her a side hug. She then looked back towards the kids. The reason why she really liked to wrestle. To inspire people to live their dream. To inspire them to work hard and push towards their goals. To never give up even when people try to put you down.

“Thot Chocolate thinks they’ve already won. They’ve said every week with every match they’ve had that one was the one that made them the Number One Contenders. Every single week. Not once would I and Eden make that kind of assumption and we won’t start now. Silk says this match is a formality. Cartier says its an opportunity to right a wrong. They stay on separate pages of the same book while Eden and I live on the same page. Silk said Bad Company was a formality for Thot Chocolate to be Tag Team Champions. They lost in the first round. He said the first time they faced us it was a Formality. They lost. Every time he has said that Thot Chocolate has something in the bag in 4CW they’ve lost. We’ll just have to be that source of disappointment again. But what I’m going to tell you, kids, as a lesson? Don’t let your ego get the better of you, because it can really be your downfall. This may or may not be a Contendership Match, but if it is? Brushing off the competition as a formality is not a very smart move on your part.”

Right at the end, Leela heard her partner giggle. The fans were hanging on every word they said, and even though it maybe wasn't professional, Eden couldn’t hold it together any longer. She burst out laughing.

“If you ask me, it is a tragedy, Leela. You have two people, Cartier and Silk, that feel the need to belittle whoever they are up against. Not once have they come to terms with the fact that the wrestling world is not revolving around them. Especially not 4 Corners Wrestling. I will tell you what I think the real problem is, apart from the obvious of course. They lack heart. There is no passion in their words and even less in their actions. Sure they want to be champions, who doesn’t? And certainly, they got egos that assure them they are the shit. But if you look back at history, especially in this company, then you won’t make it anywhere if you aren’t willing to give it your all. Maybe it is a fact that Leela and I have been facing our own demons. We struggled a lot in the past and man, we will again. Because that is life. Without struggle, there can’t be growth. But here you have Thot Chocolate that tries to make this a redemption story, but what for? They won’t get tired of telling the world, and everyone that doesn’t wanna hear it, how much success they have outside of 4CW. How great their careers are going and how many titles they won. But whenever it seems useful, they talk about how difficult their journey was or is. What for? Sympathy? Or to look somewhat sympathetic. I don’t know. I don’t care. Truth remains truth and that is that Thot Chocolate is as fake as certain boobs in this business.”

“I know harsh words from the nice girls, but there are limits- even for us. Get your head right, folks. Look at someone like Cartier and tell me you don’t see right through all the fakeness. How she acts tough but in reality is scared like a kitty using the litter for the first time. Most of the time when she talks about us, she tries to down talk Leela. How my partner is no threat, how she lives an odd life or how she is no valuable factor in our matches. If either of these was of concern, why mention it? I can tell you exactly why, jealousy and envy. Leela got something that Cartier never will gain- no matter where she goes. Respect. People look at Leela and think: She lives and breathes for this business. And that must drive stripper girl insane. But I will make an offer on behalf of this team: Act like a decent human being and you get all the respect from us. Keep talking yourself into a corner and live with the consequences. We’re nice. We’re fun. But we’re also here for serious business. We didn’t make it a secret that we want to become champions, but all at the right time. This is a marathon, Thotty’s, not a sprint.”

Once more Eden took a small break looking over at Leela with pride on her face. They shared something way deeper than friendship.

“At the end of the day? A team that wins everywhere they go by their own admission isn’t struggling. Struggle is what Eden and I have faced. The career-ending injuries. The ones we refused to view that way. Where we say no to defeat when it comes down to never wrestling again Cartier and Silk say no to their defeats. They pretend they didn’t happen. Their upset we went silent after losing the tag title match? I’ve gone silent for weeks on social media before and it had zero to do with match outcomes. It’s okay to be disappointed and to process that loss before talking about it. It’s okay to get your head right or risk looking foolish. Like Thot Chocolate did after trashing The Conglomerate but after they lost they pretended they didn’t exist and were afraid to answer their critics. Lesson? Don’t be hypocrites kids.”

“Thot Chocolate is out here saying we haven’t been working. We didn’t ask for the show after Winter Wasteland off. We don’t control that, but just because we weren’t in a match doesn’t mean we weren’t working. Just because you don’t have a game doesn’t mean you aren’t in the gym working and getting better for the next time you step on the field, on the court, or in our case the Ring. Every struggle we’ve faced has pushed us to be better people, better athletes, and better teammates. That’s why The Girls Next Door will beat Thot Chocolate again because we know it takes more than just bravado. We know it takes working together as a team. Like how I took them both out and made sure Silk wasn’t there to save Cartier for Eden to win. We don’t dwell on who gets pinned. I’m sure it is eating Cartier alive knowing she’s the one who was pinned in both their losses. She doesn’t view it as a team loss. She views it as her loss, and that’s a problem. No one member is responsible for a team win or loss. If that’s the case? Then it’s not a very strong team. I accept the same amount of responsibility as does Eden in our successes and our failures together. That’s why we will continue to be a better team than Thot Chocolate and that’s why we are future 4CW Tag Team Champions.”

In a proud manner, Eden patted Leela on the shoulder, once more stepping forward.

“Now should come the part where I say: Kids, stay in school and make sure your grades are good. A little something they should have said to Thot Chocolate. But as a matter of fact, I am going to tell you only one thing: Never stop chasing your dreams. Ignore the haters and blenders. Do your thing. Because at the end of the day this is your life. Sure you can waste it like certain people, did I mention Thot Chocolate at this point? Or you can remind everyone out there that you belong. Come Adrenaline we will once more go out there and show Thot Chocolate we belong. For you, for us and to annoy Cartier and Silk. You’re welcome.”

With that being said Leela clapped for her partner and they dropped their microphones much to the approval of the crowd as they clapped and cheered for the two. Leela and Eden rushed to them and began shaking hands, and giving hugs and talking with all the kids as the scene faded out.