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Author Topic: Wolf In The Hen House  (Read 97 times)

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Wolf In The Hen House
« on: February 03, 2020, 11:45:58 PM »
A fool will tell you that history repeats itself, that just because something happened in the past, it’s almost guaranteed to happen again in the future. An Idiot will tell you that none of these things matter, that it’s all just circumstance, and that we are all just living in one chaotic, rhythmless cycle. But the truth of the matter is much deeper than that, the truth of the matter is that we all are a mix of chaos and history. The future is never promised, and even if you prepare for the worst, you can still find yourself falling short when the shit hits the fan. For Dakota Smith, this was never more true than now - having thrown himself back into the ever changing world of professional wrestling - where nothing was ever certain and you can go from your greatest heights, to your lowest depths in a matter of three seconds. A business where one loss could kill a career, and one win could make you a legend - a fickle beast that even the best have failed to master.

“And there is no doubt about it my Grand Duchess… You are the best.”

With a rasp growl, Dakota’s voice cuts through the darkness bringing about the scene, where we find our butcher sitting with his legs spread on a wooden porch swing. The swing had the look of age in its wooden boards, countless long nights and conversations etched into its frame, while the porch it hung on looked to be that of an old country house - one that had seen generation upon generation grow up inside of it.

“ You’re the best wrestler to ever step foot inside of that ring, you’ve proven that time and time again because that’s what you do, that’s what the best… Does. Mariano tried his best to sell you short, to try and shine you in some light that only he could see… But I won’t do that to you Ana, I won’t deny you your rightful title. You’ve traveled all around the world and proved your the best in every company you’ve ever been in. Anytime you see the name Anastasia Hayden on the card you know that you are going to witness greatness! These maggots know it, I know it, Bryan Laughlin knew it when you ripped that crown off of his head and put it on your own. You are the 4CW champion!”

Reaching over Dakota grabs ahold of his Union Battleground championships and slides it up blood stained blue jeans onto his lap. By the way the sun was reflecting off his bare chest, you could assume it was about sundown, as everything settled in a rustic, purplish hue. With one hand The butcher holds his championship, and the other he lets rest on his mason Jar, which had a little bit more of a red hint to it than it did before, looking a little bit more violent.

“ But unlike many that came before you, the 4CW championship isn’t what makes you the best. See that's a title you already held long before you put an end to Laughlin's world domination agenda. I’d be a fool to deny you that, I’d be blind to miss the bodies you’ve left in your wake on the journey you’ve had to that championship. But I’ve had a journey of my own sweet one… I was rebirthed by my own admission, and baptized in the fire of my gluttonous habits. You may be the best professional wrestler on this planet today…And that’s why I’m here today, that’s why this match means something to me… Because the death of professional wrestling doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen with winning a championship or trimming the fat… It happens by executing those deemed the best by the maggots! “

The butcher’s voice couldn’t help but crack as he let out an unsettling chuckle, rubbing his Union Battleground championship with one hand, as he brought the mason jar up to his lips and took a sip.  A beam of sunlight shot through the Mason Jar showing the trophies that Dakota had collected from his victims, all now a part of his satanic brew. Bits of skin and hair, drifted through the shallow red liquid, staining Dakota’s lips as he drank from it.

“It happens by sucking all the life out of each and every motherfucker I come in contact with until there are none left. And you Ana, well it gets none bigger does it? Not at this moment in time, not at Adrenaline come Wednesday… No on that night you will be the biggest superstar in the world, you will raise your championship up above your head and the world will chant your name… And then I will shove my knife into your back and bring you back down to reality. I’ll cave in the back of your skull to the point where they’ll be calling you Anastasia Raab. I’ll leave you limping, dripping in the middle of that mat, wondering where the fuck your gladiator spirit went as I pick away your flesh and mind until there is nothing left but bones and blood. “

Dakota’s sinister smirk starts to twist on the corner of his lips, as his eyes droop a little bit - eyeing up the camera like a predator ready stalking its prey.

“ You never wanted this label, but you got it anyways. All you’ve ever wanted was to fight, was to do what you do… Not to make a pun, but best. The championships, the grandeur all of those things never really meant anything to you Ana, and that’s what makes  so fluckin’ dangerous… That’s what makes you the apex predator in a world of monsters and so called real killers.  You’re a soldier with a gun, didn’t sign up for country - just wanted to feel what it was like to kill a man, you wanted to fire at someone who was firing back at you. Live for the danger, and you’ll die by the bullet. That is something that the two of us know only too well, because we have been to war and back, we have bled for the sake of bleeding, fought for the sake of violence and gave our own bodies just to secure the things that we wanted!”

Removing his hand from his championship, Dakota runs his fingers over his mangled forehead - the staple job in which he had done himself did not heal well. The word “FUCK was no longer carved into his forhead, instead it just looked like a hunk of gnarled meat that the dog wasn’t finished with yet.

“Well do you know what I want my sweet Anastasia? I want to see you broken in front of me, I want to see that spirit of yours leave your body as I choke the last few gasps of air from your lungs… I want to see you squirm and wither away from my touch, knowing that only more pain is coming. I want to see the mighty Grand Duchess of Professional wrestling on her knees, begging for me to stop as I do all but shove myself inside of her. These are the things that I want now, from you Ana… Because what else is there? Your championship isn’t on the line, and neither is mine… The two of us have a much bigger picture to look at… We both know where our destinies lie… Mine is with Bryan Williams, and yours is with Eliah Carlson, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make this match something special! Something truly fucking magnificent as we beat each other to bloody pulps inside of that ring!

I believe in you Ana, do you believe in me? Or has my past clouded your vision so much to the point where you just can’t let it go… Will you tell me that just because we’ve faced before and I have fallen, that it’ll happen again? Are you so sure of your position that you can’t see what is right in front of you? Johnny Violence kicked my fucking ass, he beat me down and threw me across this arena like a fucking ragdoll! And by the end of the night he was passed out with a cable around his neck, and I was walking away still hungry for more… That’s the thing about me Ana, something that I’m not sure you’ve ever fully understood… You have to watch your back… Because I can take the beating, I can take the bleeding, I can go until my skin is literally falling off of my body! So any second you give me, is a second that I am going to make you regret. Just when you think I’ve had enough, that you are sure there is no way I can continue…”

As Dakota lowers his hand he lets it hover in front of the camera, fingers spread as if he was gripping a neck.

“ I will shove my fist down your throat and pull out your heart.”

Moving his fingers as if he was holding a still beating heart, Dakota’s smirk turns into a vindictive grin as a porch light switched on overhead, the sun now having set for the night.

“ I’ll show these maggots exactly what the heart of a champion looks like… I’ll show them what drives an unstoppable warmachine such as yourself, show them the gears and how to engineer the violence that you hold inside of yourself. Make no mistake, I would never underestimate you my dear… Sweet… Anastasia… I just know what it’s like to be a champion, I know what it’s like to have the entire company on your shoulders, where every match matters because there are sharks in the water just waiting for you to give off even a hint of blood! You don’t want to look weak to Elijah! The man who is coming for your championship, for your title as the best, and hell maybe he even fucking deserves it more than you Ana! Maybe It’s Eliah who has the bullet with your name on it, you can make sure he’ll be watching this match, looking for imperfections in your undeniably grand scheme.

But he won’t find any, will he? Because even in defeat you hold yourself to that of the mightiest of warriors, even in defeat you have the grace of a champion… But even in defeat, after Adrenaline… You’ll never be able to deny me again, when I offer the hand to dance, you will fucking take it! Because it will be an act of revenge, you’ll take it because the thought of you losing to me when your on the giants shoulders, when you're leading a company is something that will never sit right within you… After Adrenaline, and until we meet again Ana… A little part of me will always be inside of you, that part that nags you in the back of mind… The part that screams at you that you could have done more, should have done more! It will eat away at you into your Retrograde match, that splinter of doubt in the back of your head… That’ll be me Ana… That’ll be the fight that you didn’t win, the moment you couldn’t make yours, the loss of momentum and the beginning of a downward spiral that I hope you recover from…

Just so I can do it all over again. “

A confident, if not menacing snicker, escapes from behind The butcher’s grin as his eyes look past the camera - going wide as he gently strokes the leather rim of his Union Battleground Championship.

“ Another step in my crimson path, another etch on my wall, another step closer to my ultimate goal of seeing all of this burn… You, Ana, mean something to me, putting you down, or atleast crippling you going into the biggest night of your life means something to me. This isn’t about our championships, this isn’t about my right to the title that you hold… This is just about the violence… It’s pure and unrelenting, it’s chaos and history and intertwined in one match that will create an echo for the next few months within this company. Like the shifting of plates beneath the soil turns to a tremor, by the time that we are done Milwaulkee, Wisconsin will be nothing but a sinkhole, a pit in which we made, we created. We will burn the house down and all the beer soaked maggots inside of it. I’ll make you be the best that you deny yourself to be, I’ll pull it out of , rip it out of you if I have to! Because I want the best, my sweet, delicate, delicious…”

In a very perverse, yet somehow seductive way Dakota’s tongue pushes past his stained teeth and runs along his bottom lip.

“Anastasia Hayden… And I will get the best, I demand it! I want to see that same fire in your eyes as you had when you chopped down the mighty oak tree known as Bryan Lauglhin, I want to smell the same mix of desperation and tenacity as when you bolted across those ropes and planted the Monster King’s head into that mat like and tore off his crown. I want… “

Dakota pauses as the camera slowly pans away from the butcher, and onto the yard in which he had been looking over all this time. And to the horror of all those watching what is revealed is countless wooden stakes planted into the ground, mounted on those stakes are what looks to be wolves and chickens - some beheaded and others whole. Some of the animals guts spiral down the long wooden rods, and in the center of it was a lone stake. The camera pans overhead, revealing a replica of the 4CW championship has been driven down onto it - directly down the center. As the camera zooms into the championship belt, Dakota finishes his sentence.

“You Anatasia Hayden. “