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"Rectify & Reclamation"
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“put (something) right; correct.”


“the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right.”

I stood there surrounded by darkness deeper than a black hole. Only the small light on top of the 4CW cameraman’s camera gave illumination to the environment and it was minimal at best, only really lightin’ up from the top of my chest to the top of my head. Attached to the side of his camera was a mini screen flipped outwards. Though the image was small, I could make it out clear as a cloudless day. Cartier stood there, with no smile to be seen, just a determined, somewhat stern look painted across the canvas of her beautiful face. Like myself too, she looked boxed in by the absence of light ‘round her, only able to be seen by her cameraman’s light as well.

I start walkin’, slowly declinin’ down a set of steps underneath my feet that I can barely even make out, havin’ to trust my instincts with every move forward and I can see in the small screen that Cartier is doin’ the same.

“It’s funny how things work out isn’t it? At Adrenaline 108 in Boston, Massachusetts, when the fans went home, when the people at home on their couches turned off their televisions and when the Girls Next Door left the arena, they all probably saw us trendin’ downwards and them trendin’ upwards. Yet, here we are, weeks later, ‘bout to head into Adrenaline 111 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Thot Chocolate hasn’t lost since Winter Wasteland, beatin’ two of the four teams in that Fatal Four-Way includin’ the current Tag Champs, while the Girls Next Door ain’t done shit. Oh my bad, ya’ll been campaignin’ on social media that because you two scored a pinfall over Reedvolution in a Four-Way Match where THREE pinfalls need to take place for their to be a winner, not one, somehow that equates to yall bein’ worthy of another shot right away.”

I couldn’t help but scoff at the mere idea as I slowly kept it movin’ downwards while the cameraman somehow managed to keep his balance as he backpedalled for this shot.

”Considerin’ Leela is supposed to be this nice, kind, easy-goin’ broad, she sure is entitled and presumptuous as all hell. To think scorin’ the first fall in a Four-Way that you don’t even end up winnin’ means as much as beatin’ the CURRENT Tag Team Champions in an Adrenaline Main Event is such a buffoonery way of thinkin' that it’s clear to everyone... ya’ll just don’t wanna see Thot Chocolate beat ya’ll to the punch as Tag Team Champions after you two, Children of the Moon and Reedvolution talked all that foundation garbage. Ya’ll may have beat us at Adrenaline 108 but that was then, whereas Adrenaline 111 is now and look ‘round you two, as we stand here today, our trajectory is skyrocketin’ while ya’ll two need this win to even still stay afloat in the division. We ain’t ‘bout to give you two another win over us as a crutch to lean on though, nah, instead we gonna put you two where ya’ll belong - at the back of the line in the 4CW Tag Division, right next to 2HighKru.”

As I finished, I focused on Cartier. I watched her begin to speak through the small attached monitor while the viewer at home would be gettin’ the full screen shot. Her focus still hadn’t shifted and her face was all business, even open on Sunday’s.

“You didn’t see us get all up in our feelin’s after that loss to GND. You didn’t see me sulk or cry after Winter Wasteland. No. You seen us get right back to work the very next opportunity we had, an’ in doin’ so we spoiled Children of the Moon’s first an’ so far only match as champions. Where was Leela? Where was Eden? I’ll tell you where they wasn’t, they wasn’t on Adrenaline earnin’ a goddamn thing. Yet they still think they deserve more. They still think they should be the ones in line for the titles, not us. But we’ve shown more than the Girls Next Door. We’ve shown that we willin’ to earn what we got comin’ to us, unlike them who wanna cry an’ moan on social media about ‘don’t forget us!’ an’ ‘what about us though?’ They’ve had exactly two matches, an’ one of ‘em was for the titles. Yet they feel overlooked. The sheer fuckin’ caucasity of that privileged-ass opinion is enough to give a bitch a migraine.”

Cartier closed her eyes and lifted her hands. Her perfectly manicured hands, with her signature long, almost razor sharp nails were always a sight to see but this girl started legit massagin’ her temples like Leela’s idiocy actually did give her a migraine. After a moment of self-induced massage work on her head like each hand is a Dr. Ho machine, she puts her hands back down to her side and that boss bitch look slowly creeps back across her face.

“Winter Wasteland proved that GND was vulnerable, no matter what they’d have you think. Yeah, they knocked out Reedvolution, but let’s not sit here an’ act like Reedvolution was a strong team to begin wit’. They had a great run at Bad Company but that’s it. The whole reason people was stunned at the end of that tournament is because of how otherwise underwhelmin’ AJ an’ Bianca always was. But, facts is facts. Reedvo went into Winter Wasteland as champs an’ they left empty handed because of Eden an’ Leela. No doubt that’s a accomplishment. But they like to leave off the rest of that story, don’t they? They went from the Girls Next Door to the Girls Next Out because both 2High an’ Children of the Moon outlasted ‘em. Two teams we’ve beaten like SILK said, back to back in the weeks since. If those two teams can do it, we damn sure can too.”

Conviction weaved its way through every letter of every word when Cartier spoke. I continued trekkin’ down as it shifted back to me bein’ the focal point

”Any team can beat any other team on any given day. Reedvolution proved that at Bad Company. Children of the Moon proved that at Winter Wasteland. Whether those were flukes or one hit wonder wins, I’m not here to debate but what I’m here to clear up is that your first win over us? It means nothin’ when we enter that ring. After all, that was literally in 2019. We’ve entered a new decade and if you haven’t been watchin’ lately from your couches or caterin’ or wherever the hell you two have been since Winter Wasteland, this is linin’ up to be the year of Thot Chocolate, not yours.”

Not even a split second after I finished my thought, Cartier continued off the point I made, as if she was inside of my mind, readin’ it like a script.

“Here’s what we’ve shown as a 4CW team in 2020… we’ve shown that we can take a loss an’ get right back up an’ end up better off than we was before. We shown that we can bounce back. We took that L in December, we lost fair an’ square, but we got right back on the damn horse didn’t we? Y’all? Leela an’ Eden? Y’all loss had you hidin’ y’all faces online. Takin’ a break to deal wit’ depression or some shit. Because it never even OCCURRED to you that y’all might not just waltz into Winter Wasteland an’ win the titles. It never even entered y’all’s minds that shit might not go your way. That right there is the problem wit’ you two since the start. Since the day you decided to team up you both assumed you was the best, an’ as of right now? That shit ain’t been shown to be true.”

It was back to me and it was time to let ‘em know that I ain’t forgot what they said last time we met and how badly their statement aged since then.

“Last time we did this dance, Leela said ‘experience doesn’t lead to instant success’ while Eden claimed we ‘make up things’ or ‘bend said words’, so lemme ask you two this - how did that whole lack of experience work out for you two in the Tag Title match? Better yet, how did the experience of bein’ a long term team who has done this for a long time together work out for Children of the Moon in that Tag Title match compared to you two? In fact, the three shortest tenured teams; Girls Next Door, 2HighKru and Reedvolution LOST to the MOST experienced team in only their third match, I dunno ‘bout yall but I’d call that instant success, no? Didn’t make up those facts now did I Eden? Don’t be mad they don’t fit that weak narrative you two tried to push. Experience is why we bounced right back from Adrenaline 108. Then again, we are talkin’ ‘bout the same two people who think beatin’ former champs means as much as beatin’ the current champs, so logic ain’t exactly the strong point of you two as a team.”

Cartier was shakin’ her head. It was unbelievable to her how easily logic could be thrown in the trash by these two. They’d said with a straight face, somehow, that pinnin’ the tag champs didn’t earn a shot, but they deserved consideration because… they had pinned the previous champs.

She waved off the nonsense though and kept on walkin’ down those steps with her dummy thicc hips swayin’ like a pendulum on a grandfather clock countin’ down the minutes to sweet revenge against the Girls Next Door.

“Leela an’ Eden beat us. We know that. That night in Boston we got beat. They got every reason in the world to believe they can do it again. Take nothin’ away from it, against these Girls, we 0-1… but we both know one match don’t define us. In the time since that match, we’ve beaten the 4CW tag team champions for a second time in a row. We main evented that show an’ we lived up to that hype, that pressure. Then we headlined the last Adrenaline against 2HighKru an’ we lived up to it again. As of right now, we the only active team in 4CW wit’ above a 50/50 record. After losin’ against the Girls Next Door, we ain’t lost since. December was a letdown in a lot of ways, wit’ that loss an’ me losin’ the Pride Championship back to Manny at Winter Wasteland, but the difference between us an’ the Girls is that even though we faced adversity, we kept right at it.”

She was comin’ down those steps faster now. I needed toa little quicker to make sure we did what we always do - meet right in the middle and stand tall as a team, our sum stronger than our individual parts. A true TEAM, not one that just says they are on a whim one day.

“What sets me and SILKY apart from ya’ll? It’s that we don’t crumple up an’ back down just because shit gets tough. SILK an' me always been first to give props when they due. I personally congratulated Eden an’ Leela both myself after our last match. But when it’s time for us to get a drop of recognition, where do the Girls go? When we got the biggest win of our careers as a team against Jules an’ Bex a couple weeks back, was Leela or Eden there to say we did a good job? No. All they wanted to talk about was how we hadn’t shown we could be the champs just because we beat the tag team champions, which is a fuckin’ ridiculous statement. They went on to talk about how we only have beaten one team… again, that team bein’ the champions, that we beat two times… but where were they to amend that statement after our victory against 2HighKru? Nowhere. They was too busy gettin’ fat off candy an’ chips at a show they was apparently too busy to be booked on but had plenty of time to chill backstage at. Crazy how that works, huh?”

The shot cuts back to me with a smirk plastered amongst my face.

“They eatin’ all that garbage for calories to burn in trainin’ and to keep their jaws stretched out for yappin’ at us, maybe it’s the strategy they think they need to implement to win?”

The view shifts back to focusin’ on Cartier.

“Every team thinks they gonna win, SILK, no matter the plan their opponent has up their sleeve. If you don’t you might as well stay at home. We’ve won matches we expected to win, an’ we’ve lost matches we expected to win. An’ not to sound too much like Leela Watts wit’ they way she starts every thought off with a question, but you know what? We win more than we lose. The Girls Next Door ain’t able to say that as of today, because they’ve won exactly one time in 4CW. Shit, I’m pretty sure even Southern Twang has done that much.”

“Nah I actually don’t think so.”

“Damn. I feel bad now.”

I felt both of my feet hit the floor firmly - I was done with those steps. Suddenly, a singular spot light overcame me as I took a few steps. As I walked into it, so did Cartier who put out her hand. I grabbed it, clutchin’ the hand of my closest confidant in life closely by my side as we both looked outwards towards the vast, empty space in front of us. Cartier and I stood in the middle of the Fiserv Forum’s ground floor. There was nothin’ set up, just the cement ground beneath us and the empty bleacher seats we both walked by as we each came down an aisle, horizontal to each other across the arena. This was our destination - the place where we would right the loss we took to the Girls Next Door.

“Cartier and ya boi have walked different paths in life like we just did down those steps on opposite ends of the arena but in the end, our paths converged like how we just met here in the middle of the arena’s ground floor. Now, we stand as one, side by side, with a bond that’s unbreakable and the most momentum behind us of any team in the Tag Division due to our recent victories. Our journey as a Tag Team in 4CW has led us to here though, the Fiserv Forum, where we will RECTIFY our previous loss to the Girls Next Door and make the RECLAMATION that Thot Chocolate is next up for a shot at 4CW Tag Gold.”

We still stood there in the present, hands intertwined and ready for the future which we both understood, with this match, it was ours to take. Time to go out and take it.