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Death Wish
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There was something immensely enjoyable about beating Mariano and watching him walk back everything, but Anastasia wasn't given too much time to savor it. On to the next one. Leaning up against a partial chain-link fence, Ana's eyes were covered with her sunglasses, but her focus was on the skate park ahead of her. A champion of the people, of course. She watched as skaters of all ages learned to fall and pick themselves back up. A lesson she had to teach herself. A lesson she had followed through on many times before.

An ordinary spot, but years of blood, sweat, and tears made up the foundation of the park. Just like being in the ring. Many would dedicate their lives to the craft. Some make it. Some don't. And then there are those who are too stubborn to realize they never stood a chance to begin with. Ana thought it was admirable, but a waste of time.

"You can pick yourself up as many times as you want. But if you never learn why you fell in the first place, what good is it?"

She looked over to her right at the camera for an answer that'd never come. A scoff followed from Ana instead. The 4CW Championship resting on her shoulder served as a reminder of her own failures she had overcome.

"What good is a butcher that can never do their job?"

A different direction, but a similar message. A figure she had crossed paths with before. Anastasia let the question linger before standing up straight to address the camera head on and pushing her hair back with her sunglasses.

"A lot has changed since we last met, but...has it really? In a way, we're similar, Dakota. We both had to venture out of 4CW to reinvent ourselves and put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. We both went to Union, became champions, and returned to 4CW with a new fire lit. This looks like the resurrection of 'The Butcher' Dakota Smith...but it's not, is it? The crucial difference is that nothing's changed for you. Underneath it all, you're still the same edgelord that you were before. But now you've got a couple wins under your belt, so you're the big man on campus."

Anastasia gives out a mocking smirk from the corner of her mouth after that. It stays there a touch longer as she starts again.

"You're a legend in 4CW, Dakota. You ought to be hailed as one of the greats. Yet, you aren't. You once held the 4CW Championship longer than anybody else before Laughlin, but no one talks about it. No one talks about the brutality that Dakota Smith once ruled 4CW with. Because like all legends, you're eventually forgotten. Someone new, someone better steps in and takes your place. It's been five years since you first won the 4CW Championship and what have you done since? You've let people like me, Bronx, Laughlin, Madison, Manny, Viduus, and Artemis win the 4CW Championship while you were chasing our table scraps."

"The first ever grand slam champion in 4CW and no one gives a fuck. You present yourself as this unforgiving, cold, savage wrestler, but underneath that exterior, it kills you that you're being forgotten. So many new faces coming in and outshining you. Where's the credit that 'The Butcher' deserves? But the issue is...what do you expect when you were nothing, but a stepping stone for nearly five years? You could've left a long time ago to find yourself again, but you didn't. You got lazy and now I'm meant to believe that this time might be different?"

The question is one she's asked a few times to different faces, but it's always the same answer. Nothing ever fucking changes.

"We crossed paths before, I won, but that's not what's important here. The important part from that was you got a spotlight you didn't deserve. I had been fighting, clawing, proving myself week in and week out to get to the top of the mountain. You had just failed at South Beach Brawl, but somehow you were allowed to fight for another chance. You've been given so many opportunities over the years to prove you weren't a relic of a 4CW that no longer exists. Instead, you wasted away. You got complacent."

"Even when there were no signs of improvement, no progression being made, they still believed in you and you did fuck all with it. Hell, you've just become the main champion in Union, but all I hear about is Bryan Williams. You're meant to be the king, Dakota. Instead, you're the manifestation of everything that's wrong with 4CW. You're weak. I sat back and watched what you did to Johnny Violence, I saw what you did to Jeb Fisher, but what does that mean exactly?"

A brief tilt of the head as Ana's eyes pierce through.

"All you've done is pick on the weak. You're going after the table scraps again. It's always the fucking same with you. I listened to how you're going to mutilate Johnny Violence the same way you were going to do it to Mariano when he took your Pride Championship. It's rinse and repeat. Chris Madison thought he stood a chance against me because he had beaten a washed up Jason Cashe four times in a row and was starting to feel good about himself, but I gave him a dose of reality."

"And what exactly have you done to warrant your position here? You nearly kill Laughlin and that's that. Cool. He shows up at Winter Wasteland to lose to me and you were nowhere to be seen. I get it was a big tumble, but the Monster King managed to show up, I beat him...so where were you? You paint yourself as some larger than life monster just like Laughlin did, but when it matters most, you're just as weak as your prey. Not just physically, mind you, but mentally too. Right now, you're no different than Mariano, but in reality, Mariano's beaten you for a belt, so you're below him!"

Once again, Ana scoffs and shakes her head. The pecking order of 4CW has barely changed in the almost two years since they last crossed paths. Ana knew where she stood as she readjusted the 4CW Championship.

"You tell Johnny you want to kill Union and 4CW, but the only thing I've ever watched you manage to kill is your own career, Dakota. How many times am I going to have to watch Dakota Smith say that this is a new form for him only to fall right back into the same holding pattern? Never will you muster up the courage and strength to actually do something meaningful like tear a company down. I could go into Union right now, rock your shit, and you know I am more than capable of doing that. And honestly? Maybe I will."

Anastasia smiled at the thought. It's an enticing one, but it'd have to wait for now.

"Your relevance is hanging on by a thread that I'm cutting in Milwaukee. I wasn't scared last time and nothing's really changed now, has it? I was a few weeks out from winning the 4CW Championship and look at us now. I'm 4CW Champion again while you're...participating. Good on you, but I don't have time to waste with underlings who never stood a chance to begin with. Once upon a time, I'd head into this match a bit uneasy, but the mystique is gone. With Laughlin done, now's your chance to be the big, bad, scary man, but the lights have been turned on for a long time, I know what you look like now."

"I've never been scared. You know what's really scary, Dakota? Failure. And you reek of it. You got soft, you became the family man for a minute, and that's over now, but the stench is with you forever. That one moment of weakness will follow you. I've stood across the ring from the man I love and I never hesitated. I was willing to take away his passion for this all for my own gain. And I've never failed like you have. Sure, I stumble, I might lose here and there, but I get back up every single time. I get better. Every. Single. Time."

A pause for each moment. Being undefeated post-Fright Night would attest to that fact. And the ten pounds of gold too.

"The same threats I hear you barking out to everyone would actually hold some weight if you managed to do something worth my fucking time just once. For once in your pitiful career, be a fucking man. You couldn't be a family man, you couldn't be the man, you'll never be the man because you'll never grow a set of balls to commit to anything. I watched The Crooked Kingdom rise and fall in a day. I've watched 'The Butcher' come and go and come and go. You can never figure out what the fuck to do because you know time's running out and you're running scared."

"It doesn't matter how vulgar you are because it's an act. You pulled back the curtain and we saw you for who you really are. Any other time, the 4CW Champion and the Union Champion should be a great affair, but it's not. We should be in the main event, Dakota, but we're not. And it's because of you. Perry told you to make a ruckus when you returned and I haven't heard so much as a whimper from you. You've humanized yourself. And it's pretty fucking pathetic, Dakota."

The thought disgusted her. For years, Anastasia watched Dakota receive undeserving opportunity after opportunity that he'd fail to deliver on.

"I'm not going to engage you in your games because I don't play that way. I'm not Johnny Violence, I'm not going to have a back and forth with you on Twitter. I'm the 4CW Champion. Why should I ever give someone so below me a moment of my time? You should be grateful that you'll once again share the ring with me and maybe, just maybe, when I drive my boot through your skull, the next reboot will be one that doesn't fucking suck. Or maybe you'll go back to crawling on your hands and knees screaming about your heart again. I don't know, Dakota. It's all very textbook with you."

"But I should be scared of you, right? I mean, after all, you're sick and demented, Dakota. You're the fucking 'Butcher'. If you're serious about killing 4CW, if you want to kill anyone...I shouldn't doubt it! Yet I do. Why is that? You can paint such vivid visceral images, but they never come to life. You punch down below your weight and suddenly you're a deity again? You're beating people who can barely function let alone compete at my level. I'm not interested in the blood or the maggots, I want results. I don't want you to regurgitate the same bullshit, I want something new."

A genuine statement from Anastasia. The first ever 4CW Hall of Famer shouldn't be scrambling to pick up the pieces while she watched on with pity as the mad dog turned into a dying one.

"I'm tired of pretending that we have to take Dakota Smith seriously. He pulls the same trick over and over again. And everyone gets fooled for just that split second into believing the hype. There's nothing that needs to be said. We're living in a big fucking loop here. I came back to 4CW because I wanted a challenge in changing the culture, but I've already taken down two Hall of Famers and you'll get the honor of being the third one. Is there even anyone still around from the last time you were relevant in 4CW, Dakota?"

"I refuse to let you just waltz back in here like everything's fine. You want to be where I'm standing and you know that you'll never get here again. It doesn't matter what you say or do to me. I'm not moving an inch from this spot. I am leading 4CW to its great heights once more and I will not be stopped by a parody of your former self. More than Madison and Eli, you are the true last of a dying breed and I won't stop until you are truly silent. You do not deserve a second of my time, but I am giving you everything I've got to shut you the fuck up once and for all."

Some venom trailed along with her words as she snapped them off. Anastasia looked away from the camera for a moment, recollecting her thoughts, and trying to maintain her composure to the best of her ability.

"I can't allow lazy wrestlers like you in my home. You churn through the greatest hits, you string up bodies, but you can never do it in the ring. That bell rings and you just crumble. That's when I wake up. That's when I go out there against brawlers like you, against monsters like Laughlin, against deathmatch legends like Aoki Zombie, against technical masters like Madison and win. I go after everyone and I come back standing every single time. I never get knocked down, I never get shook for one fucking second. I'm not a coward, I'm not frail like Dakota Smith."

"Nor will I ever be Dakota Smith because I've always been better than Dakota Smith. However violent he paints this encounter to be, it'll only be one-sided. You're the one who needs to be scared of me because I've never given a fuck about anything. I've traveled around the world, busting my ass every single night. I don't have time for your games. I don't have time for a family. I've sacrificed everything from the moment I set foot in the ring for the first time and I've never looked back. You hesitate, Dakota? You're as good as dead."

But now the mask was off. Anastasia's cold glare holds firm with her heated words. No more holding patterns in her regime. She was going to make every single one of them fight for their spot.

"The problem with you is that you took your boot off the neck of this place. You had your chance to kill it years ago, but you got soft. You fucking hesitated. And you know what that means? In Milwaukee, I'm putting my boot right on your neck and I'm not letting up, Dakota. I never hesitate. It's do or die in that ring and I'm willing to die for what I complete for. I'm not giving you a fucking inch in that ring. If you want to kill me or whatever you want to do, try it. Bring the best you got. Not the same bullshit you've been peddling for years. Just give me something new."

"But you won't because I know you don't have it in you anymore. The bigger question is...did you ever? Or have you always been a fraud?"

Her eyes narrow after the question. Ana lets out a sigh as she steps toward the camera and speaks with a calmer, focused tone for her answer.

"You are not 'The Butcher', but you are the lamb waiting to be slaughtered."
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