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2469 - What Goes Around, Comes Around
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There was something serene about the silence that filled the mild winter air of upstate New York. Typically, Chris Madison spent most of his days on Long Island, hustling back and forth between his home and his training facility, vigorously preparing himself for whatever battle laid ahead. But on occasion, when he needed to just get away, clear his head, he had a cabin in the middle of nowhere that he could go to and seclude himself from the outside world. With the way things have been going as of late, it was needed.

The cabin was built in the middle of a ten acre plot of land, a couple of hours north of the city. Off in the distance the silence was broken up by the sound of a small motor attempting to start up and the jovial barking of a dog. Chris Madison stood next to a fallen tree wearing a pair of jeans, a gray thermal long sleeve shirt that was rolled up to his forearms, a pair of gloves, and a black winter hat that was pulled down to his eyebrows. He bent over, holding a chainsaw in place as he worked the chord in order to get the engine started. Success! He lifted the chainsaw off of the ground with a smirk on his face and gave the trigger a tight squeeze.

Vrin… Vrin… Vrin...

Madison watched closely as the blade of the chainsaw spun, almost mesmerized as it continuously comes back around.

“What goes around, comes around,” he slowly uttered, putting a brief pause in between each word. He glanced over at his brindle pitbull that he had rescued a few months earlier, watching him run freely, chasing squirrels from the yard to the trees that they frantically ran up to escape. Madison took the chainsaw to the trunk of the tree and began to cut it into short blocks which he’d be able to chop into pieces for the fireplace inside of the cabin. As the blade made contact with the tree trunk, a cloud of saw dust burst into the air and wood chips began shooting off to the side.

Madison placed the chainsaw down at his feet and rose up, pushing his shoulders outward as he titled his head slightly back. “To say that things haven’t quite been goin’ my way would be the understatement of the year,” he proclaimed as he nodded his head. “Loss to Ana… Failed on the big stage of Winter Wasteland against Eli… Blatantly disrespected by Wallace… Then to top it off, the mockery that was Michelle Wong’s offciatin’ durin’ my match against Willie Pete. I was fallin’ fast in a tailspin and she did everythin’ in her power to try to steer that plane straight into the ground! This kind of track record would cripple anyone else standin’ in these shoes.”

“I’m partially to blame. I dropped Wallace on his ass, deservingly so, and knew that the road was goin’ to be rough goin’ forward. All actions have consequences and I’m fixin’ to welcome those consequences with open arms. By now, Perry Wallace should have learned that stackin’ the deck against me won’t slow me down. Willie Pete became nothin’ but a pawn in this game of chess. He had no faith in you Willie. He saw a forty year old rookie that he could toss in the ring with me like some kind of chew toy. A simple distraction… The real weapon deployed was the person he let don the pinstripe shirt. Sad. But he fired his shot and missed!”

“She gave it her best shot. Perry, the girl tried. I mean she helped get him to the ropes, she gave him unwarranted timeouts in order to catch his breath, extensively checked whether or not the man’s shoulders were down by slidin’ her hand across the canvas, slow counts for me, and fast counts for him. She used every trick in the book. It was practically a god damn handicap match out there. But in the end, it didn’t matter because I wasn’t walkin’ out of Adrenaline without puttin’ Willie down and curbin’ that losin’ streak. So now what? What’s your next play? Cause your pride is hurt, your ego is bruised. Here I am, pointin’ out the fact that your senior official blew the call in the main event at Winter Wasteland and punchin’ you out for the whole world to see without repercussions.”

Madison dropped down to one knee as his dog came running and brushed up against his leg. Madison scratched at the back of his head, ran his hand along his back, and then patted him on the ribs, sending him off running. Madison watched closely as a smirk appeared. “The next move is the only move that makes sense - put me in another dogfight against the one man who seems to have my number,” he sighed as his chest slowly rose and then quickly sunk in.

“Before anythin’, I want to take a moment to congratulate you Eli. I want to congratulate you for winnin’ at Winter Wasteland, retainin’ the 4CW North American Championship, surpassin’ my undefeated streak in singles matches, and gettin’ inducted into the Hall of Fame. No one can stand here and deny the fact that you’ve earned it! With that bein’ said,” he grinned from ear to ear as his head tilted slightly. “This match between you and I, it needed to happen again. Although Wallace might be thinkin’ that puttin’ me against you again could set me straight, it’s exactly what I wanted. In his eyes, you are my kryptonite. Twice we’ve faced off and twice you’ve ended the match with your hand bein’ raised. Here’s the guy who can finally put Chris Madison in his place!”

Madison held his hand up, waving his index finger from side to side as he slightly shook his head.

“Truth is, those roles might actually be reversed,” he suggested. “I know that statement will be met with a fair amount of skepticism considerin’ that you’ve won both of our matches against each other. But the truth is, you’ve run roughshod over everyone and anyone who has been put in that ring against you. The closest you’ve been to losin’ over this stretch has been the two matches you went up against me! Deep down, you know it. You might be too proud to admit it, but in both of those matches you’ve escaped by the skin of your teeth!”

“I’ve always been the guy who has practically begged for a fight, pleadin’ for my opposition to finally present an actual challenge. At times in my career, wins have come too easily and complacency sets in. But not against you Eli. Both times we were the match of the night. The Iron Man Match at Winter Wasteland could arguably be a match of the year candidate after havin’ to go to an overtime period to settle the winner. It would be pretty hypocritical of me to shy away from the opportunity of squarin’ up with you again just because I’ve come up short in the past.”

“That’s just not me. Especially when I know I can beat you Eli! You had the match in the bag. You got that first pinfall nearly sixteen minutes into the match; an early indication that we were goin’ to see Eli have his way with yet another opponent. But the next forty four minutes were very tellin’ of just exactly who Elijah Carlson is… When you get on one of these streaks, people start to wonder what they need to do in order to beat you. If it’s even a possibility. In those forty four minutes, we learned that it is possible! Believe it or not, Elijah Carlson is a man. A man who is made up of bones that could be broken, blood that could be spilled, tendons and ligaments that could be torn, and a body that could be forced to quit on him!”

Madison’s eyebrows raised and his eyes widened as he tilted his head.

“I’m not shy about it. It took everythin’ in me to figure it out, to solve the riddle. I found myself in a hole that I had to dig out of. It took every second of those forty four minutes, but in the end I figured it out and evened up the score at one a piece. All it took was about ten seconds of my Peruvian Necktie submission hold, and your body quit on you! How did it feel Eli? Gaspin’ for air, desperately tryin’ free yourself from my vice-like grip only for your body to go limp and you wakin’ up to the realization that everythin’ you’ve worked for could be slippin’ through your fingers. Winter Wasteland proved that Eli Carlson is only human! Now the overtime period began, and you came stormin’ with vengeance. You found another gear and momentum swung your way, hit that Panama Sunrise and zapped the life out of me. And that’s where we insert the controversy.”

“Vassa was right. My body was lifeless. Hell, you could barely pull yourself over to me in order to make the cover. By that point of the match, neither of us were in any kind of fightin’ shape. I reached for those ropes, outstretchin’ my arm and fingers as far as I possibly could. Maybe if I had an official as vigilant and attentive to details like Michelle Wong, my finger touchin’ the bottom rope would have been seen. But that’s not the case. It was missed, the ref counted to three, and you won the match. That can’t be taken away, nor would I expect it to be. You can’t rewrite history. All I ever wanted was this, another shot at you. I thought that could have just been a pipe dream since you made it publicly known that you were plannin’ on vacatin’ the title and challengin’ Ana for the 4CW Championship. Figured I was goin’ to have to sit off to the side and wait my turn.”

“Instead, Christmas came early,”
he shouted with excitement. “Perry Wallace went to old reliable in order to set me straight and put me in my place. Well, if bein’ knocked on your ass on a televised broadcast of your own product isn’t embarrassin’ enough, bein’ played like a fiddle to give me exactly what I want has to feel like salt in the wound. And what better time to get this match goin? I mean we’re not too far removed from Winter Wasteland, so the war that you had to endure is still fresh in your mind. You know deep down that i can beat you. Perhaps worse, I am more than capable of cripplin’ you just a few weeks away from Retrograde and your opportunity to reach the top of the 4CW mountain once again. Anastasia Hayden is no joke. I know that… You know that… Look at what she did to Laughlin, a guy who has reigned over 4CW for almost a year. She’s not goin’ to be intimidated by you and the mystique of your streak. If anythin’ knockin Eli off after he’s vacated the North American Championship, leavin’ you with nothin’ at Retrograde is all the motivation she needs. You, you’re goin’ to have to be at your best because you’re pushin’ your chips forward and goin’ all in. Facin’ me in the match before Retrograde puts your back against the wall - creates the risk of the almighty Eli not bein’ one hundred percent, ready to go, for the biggest match of his career.”

Madison grabbed one of the logs of the tree, wrapping his arms tightly around it in order to carry it over to an old large stump. He stood the log upright and reached to the side, grabbing an axe that was leaning against it. Madison held the axe handle with both hands swinging it up over his head and downward onto the log, splitting it into two.

“It’s amazing how somethin’ can appear to be so sturdy, when in reality, it’s so fragile,” he chuckled. “Retrograde is the culmination of nearly a year and a half of hard work and dedication that you have poured into your career. But as we know, in this business, nothin’ is a guarantee! At Adrenaline, I’m goin’ to once again give you the fight of your career. I’m goin’ to push you to your limits and make you reach new heights if you’re goin’ to take that streak with you into Retrograde. I only have one ask… I’m tossin’ up a prayer because the only way this request goes through is if you’re up for it.”

Madison put the palms of his hands together and held them chest high as he stared at the camera lens in front of him.

“Don’t vacate that title just yet… You have turned a championship that was once known for its gimmick matches and had been passed around like some two dollar whore without any significant reigns into a prestigious title. That’s no easy task. It takes work, takes a fightin’ champion who won’t shy away from a challenge. One more time, put that strap on the line. It is what it is. The 4CW Championship is goin’ to be on the line when you face Ana and Perry has big plans for the North American Championship. Go out swingin’! Adrenaline is your opportunity to leave a final impression on your historic title reign. Make this match for the North American Championship! You know damn well that I’ve been your toughest challenger to date. Let’s give those fans one more five star North American Championship match before its fate leaves your hands.”

“That is of course, if you’re up for it! Wallace won’t make that match without your approval. You’ve beaten me twice already so I can see an argument bein’ made that I don’t deserve it. That’s why I hope you let your pride take the reins on this one. Here I am, as a man challengin’ you to be the fightin’ champion that you’ve been for the last fifteen plus months since you took the title away from Kimitsu Zombie for one more night. What you do with it is up to you. Just know, regardless, I’m walkin’ into the Fiserv Forum with you locked in my sights, championship match or not. I’m goin’ to end this the way it should have ended at Winter Wasteland. I don’t care if it takes me twenty minutes, sixty minutes, or twenty-five hundred minutes… February twelfth, two thousand and twenty, mark your calendar because that’s the day the streak ends!”

Madison swings the axe one more time, wedging it into the stump as the scene cuts to static.

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