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Author Topic: Edge Before The Blade  (Read 99 times)

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Edge Before The Blade
« on: February 08, 2020, 12:23:50 AM »
“Get on your knees Ana.”

The disembodied voice of Dakota Smith scatters through the darkened sky, as snow falls down onto the Wisconsin farmstead. With small glimpses of moonlight you could see the house from before, looking even more rustic and homey than the porch gave away. The farmstead itself was much larger than first thought, shrouded in a cloak of twilight, with a singular source of flickering light emanating through the cracks of the barn, a few yards away from the house. Through the increasing winds the sound of heavy boots crunching through the fresh snow is heard, and between the shadows of the clouds you can see The Butcher himself, marching his way away from the house and towards the lit up building.

Snow drifted in front of the lens as the clouds departed for a few moments, giving enough time to get a good look at the man. Dressed in a patchwork jacket stitched together from wolf pelts and chicken feathers, Dakota was dragging Union Battleground Championship behind him - leaving a sparkling indentation in the snow when the moon hit it just right.

“ So easily you fall into the trap of set before you Anastasia, you come to me and you ask me to change, you say that you want something new! That the same ol’ Butcher just won’t do, he doesn’t have it in him, and maybe he never did. Words said by so many people at this point, It’s lost all meaning to me. I’ve never done things for anyone other than myself… It’s why I hit my brother Cyrus in the back of the head with a hammer, and then laid him out atop a police cruise… It’s why I turned my back on the Deadly Sins and left Ramona to the fucking mongrels. I watched as they picked her apart, and I didn’t have a care in the world because she had served her purpose, she had gotten me to where I needed to be… “

As he grew closer to the barn, the camera swooped down so that it was moving along side The Butcher. Dakota glances over at the camera, even through the icy weather you could see the inferno of hell in his eyes.

“ And then a few months later I won the 4CW championship - strung a btich up by the neck with piano wire just to get what I knew in my heart was already mine! And I’ll admit that was a long time ago, but the only difference between that man and the Dakota Smith you see before you is… Time…. And in that time I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to, I’ve maimed, I’ve killed, I’ve set records, I’ve halted progress of young and up and coming stars, I’ve slaughtered a man and hung him up to dry for the entire world to see. I gave Chris Madison his first loss inside of that ring, I broke him when no one else could! “

Roaring at the camera, as if it personally had wronged him, he continues - spit flinging from his chapped lips.

“ I was the edge before the blade was even made, do you understand me Anastasia? What separates me and every other wrestler with a death wish, Is that I’ve been well aware for a long time that everything dies. So when my time comes, when I no longer hunger for the arena, when I can no longer lift my body up and continue fighting… I will put myself down inside of that ring, I’ll pull the fucking trigger myself! But today, Ana… Is not that fluckin’ day! You will not be the one who puts me down, I don’t fear failure… I embrace it, I learn from it, I adapt to it… Through my body giving away, or blood being bled - I have always pushed past my limits and I will do the same if I have to with you.

When I lost the pride to Manny, I knew I had to walk away because the hunger just wasn't there anymore. We all watched as my body gave away mid match, as I broke right before your eyes… I was distracted, my mind wasn't in it and my actions reflected that. I’ve wasted a lot of time Ana, so I won’t waste my words by telling you that this time it’s different, I’d rather my actions prove themselves as they always have. No other in this business, in this company has done what I have done. If you want to turn a blind eye to that, if you want to deny me all that I have done, that’s on you Ana… So don’t cry wolf when my Butcher’s blade is your neck, don’t do to me what you did to Viduus, don’t be a little bitch.  “

You could see the bitter venom fling from his lips as he approached the barn. With one arm he reached out and grabbed ahold of the big wooden door, swinging it back as the wind took it - the loud smashing sound of it hitting the exterior booming out into the night. As Dakota entered the well lit barn, the first thing that comes into picture is a human sized doll tied up to a chair. The doll has been crafted from various sacks and what looks to be pig flesh. It’s dressed in an attire reminiscent of Anastasia Hayden, even sporting her signature hairstyle. The one glaring difference between this doll and the real Anastasia Hayden is that this doll had a pig face stitched onto its head.

Almost as soon as he enters the barn, Dakota throws the Union Battleground championship onto the dirt flooring before charging up to the Doll. Grabbing it by the jowls and twisting it’s head to the side as his voice gets a more demonic growl to it. His eyes go wide as his iris’s jitter around looking at every inch of the doll as if it really was Ana.

“ I don’t need to prove anything to you, all you have to do is look back and see everything that I’ve done for this company… While you say you have its best interests in heart, while you claim that you hold it on your shoulders - that you want to see it rise up!... You fail to even acknowledge those who you stand upon. You’re a shallow, egotistical little girl who has talent far beyond her years. You are the fire in the forest that consumes all the life around it… I want to kill professional wrestling, but you Ana? You are the death of it, with your lack of foresight, and tendency to rely on twisting truths to benefit your own story. Can you smell your own shit on your knees Ana? Or will you continue to walk around like it doesn’t reek of arrogance and self-worship. A hypocrite is a hypocrite Ana, and you don’t really give a shit about any of this. You call it your home? This isn’t your home Ana, this is just where you are until you taste failure and scurry on back to the piss shows you were molded by.. “

Taking his hand off the Doll, Dakota stalks backwards, turning his back to the make-shift Anastasia Hayden and glaring at the ground as he grinned a uncomfortable looking grin.

“ Long before there was a Yamashi, or Slaughterhouse, or Union Battleground… Before Bryan Laughlin became the monster king, and Lisa Seldon kicked the heads off of everyone who stood in her way… There was Dakota Smith and 4CW… So when you call the place in which The Butcher was  birthed in, home? “

Extending out his arm, Dakota points at the doll, moving his finger as he explained.

“ When you question what I’ve done… And my place in this company… That’s when a random act of violence turns into pre mediated murder. It’s where manslaughter turns into homicide, because I will not be disrespected by a little girl who finally got her second chance! The championship you hold doesn’t make you untouchable, it doesn’t spare you form my fucking butchers table! A lesson that I will teach you wholeheartedly… You think that belt makes you a god,but you’re wrong… And as good as you are inside that ring, as talented as you may be… The best to do it?... Maybe… “

His eyes explained it all, as he looked up and back at the doll. There was a desperation, that you don’t normally see from the butcher. But in that desperation lies something very dangerous, unnerving, like a wounded animal right before it goes for the neck.

“ I’ve made an entire career off of doing things that I shouldn’t have been able to do…. I should have never won the 4CW championship, I should have never held it for as long as I did….I shouldn’t have won the Extreme Championship within the first two months of me joining 4CW… Omerta shouldn’t have won Bad Company… I should have never been the first grand slam champion,... But I was Ana… But… I …Was! “

Dakota begins to stalk his way forwards, back towards the doll. He reaches down and scoops up his championship in the process, holding it as if he was hiding it from the camera.

“ I’m unpredictable, disorder in human form, you never know what you're going to get… And just when you think I’ve had enough I come back for more! You can try and sway that anyways you like my dear, but when the time comes in Milwaukee you are going to wish that you had a little bit of fear left in you. Because this isn’t just a part of my career, not like it is for you…This is my fucking career, Ana! I’ve given my whole life for 4CW, I’ve given everything that I have to give, and it’s not about the championship anymore for me… It’s about killing for the sake of killing! It’s about being the man, the monster, the myth, the legend, The Butcher! You want me to change, but I’ve never felt more of the same!

I can only be all that who I am, Ana… And if you expect more, if you crave more? Then I suggest you go find yourself a dollar store butcher, because you will find nothing but excellence if you look my way. Many try to imitate, but I am the innovator, the creator, the line you now walk is the one that I pushed! There wouldn't be a 4CW without me, I am bleed into every single chapter of its story… Even when I was gone, they still talked about me! I am one of the defining lines of 4CW! I carved myself into this company from the very first day I stepped in the building, and I will have no problem mutilating up the current face of it. That championship isn’t a shield, it won’t save you from Deadman Wonderland. “

Reaching the doll, Dakota places the Union Battleground Championship around it’s waist, revealing to the world that it had “4CW '' painted over the main plate, in what looked to be a mixture of blood and bile. Crouching down, Dakota made sure that the championship was perfectly around Ana's midsection. .

“ To me this isn’t about rewriting a wrong from the past, it’s not about staking my claim for that championship, it’s about going forward. It’s about continuing down my path of destruction, about showing the world that this era of wrestling is truly coming to an end… And it will be by my hand, none others… So you can look away from what’s right in front of you all you want Ana, it won’t stop the onslaught… If you can’t hear my name on everyone's lips, then you just aren't listening… I have seeds planted in all the major companies, I have influenced countless maggots wanting to rise themselves out of the muck. But the truth can never fall upon a deaf ear, the truth can never penetrate those who refuse to believe it.  You walk like a champion, talk like a champion, and I will break you like a champion. I’m not saying it’ll be easy… I’ve already called you the best in the world. But I’ve done the impossible time and time again, I’ve been the single consistent thing in the entirety of 4CW… “

As if to smite the doll, just when he gets the championship perfectly on it, he rips it away.

“ So when I say on your knees… “

As fast as it takes for a hornet to sting, Dakota cocks back the championship and smashes it into the pigface of the doll, cracking its skin and sending both man and doll down to the ground. Like a rat swarming on a corpse, Dakota instantly gets in the face of the downed doll and shoves his championship into the side of it’s head, his expression twisted with hate.

“You get on your fucking knees!  You get on your knees and you beg! You beg for mercy from man who holds your life in between his fingertips! Question the foundation in which your reign was built upon, ignore the bodies in which your flowers now flourish? I will show you exactly why I have the history that I do, every championship I ever won, every milestone I ever surpassed  will crumble down onto of you until you’re forced to once again… Believe in the boogeyman! “

Letting out an awkward chuckle, Dakota pushes himself back up to his knees. Looking down at the doll and then back at the camera as if he didn’t want you to see that, as if that was a crack in his system.

“ You need this so much more than I do Ana… Even if you can’t see it… And it’ll be that lack of awareness that will be your downfall. You may be 4CW champion… But I’ve always been 4CW’s champion… I went to Union,  I took their title, and I called it our own…”

Planting his fist into the ground, and pushing himself back up, Dakota grabs his championship and turns towards the camera. His eyes slowly rising up from the doll and looking directly into the lens.

“ While you hold that 4CW championship, and still live in the shadows of those who held it before you… I’m the fraud? No Ana… I am 4CW. “