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"Magnify & Manifestation"
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“make (something) larger than it is; increase.”


“an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something.”

A close-up shot of a pair of manicured hands scrubbing away at a piece of expensive looking fabric as its held under the running water of a faucet is where we start. The water hitting the empty basin of the sink below with that familiar urgency, you just know that handle was twisted with a quickness.

“God fuckin’ damn it…”

The satin garment darkens under the flow of water as the moisture soaks in. A reddish stain plainly visible on the otherwise deep purple of the high-dollar textile. As the shot opens up more and more scenery comes into view, it becomes obvious that Cartier is working her hardest to keep this stain from setting into her clothing.

“Damn it… DAMN it…”

“Relax, girl, don’t let it ruin your night…”

The voice comes from behind Cartier, to the side. The baritone deep as molasses that visibly has a calming effect on Cartier as her hands slow beneath the running water.

SILK walks into view, setting a half-empty glass of red wine down on the countertop next to the sink as he reaches around Cartier’s body with both hands to take the stained garment, visible now as Cartier’s top, in his own fingers. He massages the stain, clearing away suds from the dish soap Cartier had applied in a vain attempt to save her shirt.

“We was havin’ a nice night an’ my clumsy ass gotta spill the wine all over myself.”

“It’s all good, girl. We still got dinner an’ plenty more wine.”

SILK leads the pouting Cartier away from the sink, and the pair head to a small dining room table in his hotel room penthouse as he’s prepared a nice spread for himself and his partner. Steak and veggies making Cartier’s mouth water while candlelight and Barry White playing in the background had the mood just right.

The bad feelings fall right off of Cartier. How could they not in this environment?

“Thank you for this, SILK. It’s nice to get a night away from the bullshit. All these people tryina throw shade every day an’ then actin’ like they above it all. It’s nice to relax an’ catch my breath before a big match like the one we got in Milwaukee.”

Cartier then carefully lifts what’s left of her wine to her lips, taking a small sip and then releasing a slow, deep breath from her lungs. You can see the tension come off of her as if she were breathing it out.

“Carty, don’t sweat it. Don’t sweat them. I know you seen what they had to say. I seen it too. It’s all good. We got this. All we gotta do is do what we always do. Work together. Eyes on the prize. Just like with Children of the Moon. Just like with 2HighKru.”

SILK was cutting into his steak and popping perfectly cooked morsels into his mouth, but it was obvious he was still hanging onto Cartier’s every word.

“Yeah but this one feels different don’t it? I mean… we got two privileged little bitches out here actin’ like they seen as ‘underdogs’ after bein’ handed a title opportunity in their second match. A match that most people expected them to win. Shit, WE even expected them to win. But somehow they the underdogs because we don’t agree that they should be able to lose a title match just cut right back to the front of the line for the next one? It honestly feels like no matter what we do WE the ones always gonna get looked at like underdogs. Look at social media. No team in 4CW takes as much shit from haters online than we do. No one wants to give us our due. But in this case? After we lost the last match against ‘em? They have a point. They proved they can beat us, after all, so now we gotta do the same an’ prove we can beat them. It’s just frustratin’ to see Eden, someone I always had looked up to since joinin’ 4CW, act like we ain’t driven. Like we ain’t workin’ hard. How the fuck they can say some shit like that when it’s been us out there on every Adrenaline, not them? They act like I can’t respect them while at the same time think I’ll beat them. But ain’t that what they say they do? Don’t Leela go out there an’ say ‘oh Thot Chocolate’s pretty good BUT…” at every opportunity?”

“ALL the time. Couldn’t stand seein’ us in that main event a few weeks back. She had to say somethin’ about it.”

“Exactly. Perfect example. We didn’t go to them to talk shit, we just did our work. Stayed on our hustle. Do we feel we deserve a title shot after we defeated the champions? Absolutely. Do we feel like we reinforced that notion last Adrenaline by beatin’ yet another team that was closer to those straps than the Girls Next Door was? One hundred percent. But did we ever once say we expected to just have shit handed to us? Did we ever once say we didn’t expect to just kick back on a month-long vacation an’ get awarded a title shot after losin’ the last one we got? Not once. Not ever. We earned our place in this company. But for people like Eden an’ Leela that ain’t good enough. Sure, it was good enough for them to get a shot wit’ one win under they belts, but us? We clearly haven’t worked hard enough, right? Remember, SILK, we never said they didn’t deserve a shot… we said they didn’t deserve the NEXT shot. Because that one’s got our name written all over it.”

Cartier ate some of her food and dabbed her lips with a napkin before taking another sip of her wine. SILK smiled and poured more into her glass.

“It’s real funny to watch those two. They get all bent outta shape over every word we say. They hangin’ off us like they got nothin’ better to do… but then again, I guess they don’t. It ain’t like they been in the ring any time recently. Any time you or I say a damn thing about ourselves makin’ waves or just generally bein’ positive about ourselves, all a sudden one of these two got somethin’ to say about it. Yet to hear them talk it’s the other way around, huh? They say we hatin’ on them, but how often do you or me go lookin’ for them online to start shit? Only time I seen you say a word to ‘em is when they got our names all up in their mouths out of envy. Envy like when they seen us in a main event. Envy like when we started talkin’ about the tag titles. When the spotlight ain’t on them, they don’t think it should be on anyone. I guess that don’t go over as well to a roomful of impressionable teenagers though. Facts are facts, though. We the best team in 4CW and we got the record that shows it. Them? Leela’s took more dicks on her last double date than the Girls Next Door have Ws in this company. I ain’t hatin’, I’m just statin’. They say we can’t see this match as a formality and as a opportunity at the same time. How the fuck?”

“This next match is both things, SILK, regardless of whatever Leela Watts thinks. It’s a formality because we have already done every bit as much as they ever did in order to earn a shot. More than they did, in fact. Even if we get beat, we’ve already beaten the champions an’ a top contendin’ team. If they deserved their opportunity, we definitely deserve ours. An’ we did it one team against one team, which is exactly what our tag title opportunity should be as well, even though you just know these hoes gonna fuck around an’ cry to Perry Wallace about makin’ it a triple threat or some shit. Eden Connors an’ Leela Watts have had no shortage of opportunities in 4CW. In every one of those chances, they failed… yet they expect to be the next in line. Between myself an’ SILK? In 4CW there’s been exactly ONE chance for one of us to take a title off of a defendin’ champion… an’ I did it. The Girls don’t want us to get the next opportunity because they know it’ll go the same way.”

Cartier was eating faster now. God damn, the man could cook some steak. It felt good to get something in her belly, but the hunger for 4CW success and a W against the team that was probably the closest they had to a real rivalry in this sport was what was really gnawing at her.

“Now that’s the truth. If it’s so easy for them to come take us out, why not just have more cookies and candy backstage while we take the belts off COTM then? Why not let someone else have the same opportunity they’ve already had, then come and settle up the score two on two? I mean, if it’s so easy, why does it matter so much to them who goes next? That’s what makes it a formality, the fact that we already earned our way there regardless. They just wanna pretend we got some sort of issues between us though because it’s all they got. They know that we’re a better team, a closer set of partners, than they are. So they gotta try to act petty and try to come between. Oops. Didn’t work. Whether it’s a formality or a chance to set things right, it’s still us on the same page no matter what.”

Cartier nodded her head while SILK used his silverware to punctuate his sentences. His Atlanta was starting to show as the heat came out of him. She put her hand on his, bringing him back to the here and now.

“Well, like I said, it’s both. It’s a chance to right a wrong too. At the moment, GND is a stain on our record just like this fuckin’ Merlot is a stain on my blouse. But just like you reminded me to not waste my time scrubbin’ an’ tryin’ to fix this rather than enjoy the night we havin’ together, you also reminded me that dwellin’ on that stain is a waste of time. Instead, we get up an’ get better. Instead of cryin’ over a ruined shirt, I’mma take this one off an’ get a better one. Instead of cryin’ about a loss last year, I’mma turn around an’ win this year. As much as the Girls Next Door wanna call us fakes, our record is real. Our wins are real. As much as they wanna say they take this business more serious than us, it’s us that’s been out there in the ring while they been in they safe spaces recoverin’ from Winter Wasteland.”

Cartier tossed her fork onto her empty plate in frustration and it made a clattering sound against the ceramic. SILK saw the stress trying to creep back into her and got right up from his seat and stood behind her, pressing his strong hands into her shoulders and relaxing her with a bit of massage, and Cartier let her head fall back against his body.

“No team has worked as hard as us. We started from nothin’ in early 2019 when we met to bein’ multiple time champions together now. Multiple tournament winners. Girls Next Door existed for about a day before people were ready to crown them the next champions… but when it was time for them to live up that hype they folded like origami. Time for them to step aside and let someone else do what they weren’t able to.”

Cartier breathed out slow through her nose. She knew he was right. She knew that they had accomplished so much together as a team that no matter how much people like Eden and Leela wanted to, they couldn’t just brush them off as nobodies. They were the top team in 4CW, and it was time to settle it once and for all.

“That’s why you’re here tonight, girl. No matter what, you’re my partner. My number one. Forget the flowers and the candy and all that nonsense with Phe… my Valentine? My ride or die? That’s you, Cartier. And I’m in it all the way for you too. We don’t need to be shipped up to be tight. We might as well have known each other since a former life, King and Queen, like we about to be in Southside, and like we about to be in the 4CW tag team division.”

She smiled. The chemistry was unbelievable. Unlike most of the wrestling world, it seemed, Cartier and SILK felt no need to couple up or define themselves based on a relationship, but theirs was a true, deep connection in and outside of the ring.

“You an’ me SILK we been up an’ down this road over a year. We been all over the world, TOGETHER. We won an’ lost championships, TOGETHER. We broke barriers, we set standards, we set records, all of it TOGETHER. Every single time a opportunity has presented itself to us as a team we took it. Whether that was King’s Road or Southside or Bad Company. Whether it was a win or a loss. We did it TOGETHER. Do I take it hard if I let us down as a team? Damn right I do, but I never doubt that we are, in fact, a team. We busted our ass from the GET GO in this business, and it’s time to MAGNIFY our role in 4CW. Our success is a MANIFESTATION of our hard work. Was we ever handed a main event on day one like the Girls Next Door were in Revival Wrestlin’? Nope. Never expected it neither. Have we ever returned that sort of favor the way they did when they pulled out an’ quit Revival the next week? Nope. Because stripper girl right here got more class in her fat ass than anyone who’d pull that kinda bullshit move.”

SILK sat back in his chair and finished his glass of Merlot.

“Revival is shit though. They pulled out to focus on Winter Wasteland.”

Cartier had to chuckle. He was right about that, but she was in the mood to be petty.

“Well how’d that go? They shoulda stuck to the prize that was gettin’ handed to ‘em rather than the one they gotta work for, because they obviously ain’t interested in provin’ shit. They think they proved it just by existin’.”

The plates were empty. The wine was gone. Cartier and SILK sat across the small table from one another just sharing a silent moment of eye contact before sharing one more smile and standing up together to clear the table.

“See? You forgot all about that stain.”

”Stain? What stain? Nothin’ but a memory by this time next week.”


SILK hugged Cartier close before pulling away with a grin.

“We gonna give those Girls hell here in Milwaukee, Cartier?”

”You know we are. Match my energy out there an’ we can do anything. Partner.”

“I got you. One hundred percent, like always. Partner.”

And just like that, it was as if the stain never even happened.