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"The Marble Lesson..."
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There’s many different lessons to be taught, and there are many different lessons to learn from life. If you looked at the team of The Girls Next Door you could see two girls who had learned some tough lessons of life early on in their careers. From career setbacks, and heartbreaks and in the end they were stronger for learning the lessons. Whether they learned them the easy way or the hard way. Leela Watts knew the importance of the Lessons the world would teach you. She used them to grow as not only a human being but a better competitor. Sometimes you didn’t fully get a person until you walked a mile in their shoes, but really sometimes you just needed to learn a lesson to really put things into perspective for you in regards to other people.

Leela’s life had a dramatic shift in the past year. She never would have thought she would be dating two men. Let alone one of them having a child. She was still pretty young herself and didn’t quite view herself as mature enough to fit in a motherly role. So she had signed up for some parenting classes, and in the midst of one lesson in particular in that harshly colored children’s classroom where the walls were filled with inspirational posters and children’s artwork, under the flickering fluorescent lighting an idea came to her mind. It hit her like a ton of bricks and she knew that she understood her and Eden’s opponents so much better and she decided this would be the lesson she would pay forward for not only Thot Chocolate’s benefit, but the 4CW Community as well. Eden was delighted when she heard about it herself. There was only one thing left to do.

So Leela and Eden had set up in a classroom similar to the one Leela took her parenting classes in. There wasn’t a chalkboard. Modern Classrooms had begun to switch to large dry erase boards. It was clear Leela and Eden had done some drawing on the board. Writing things like “The Girls Next Door Rule. Thot Chocolate Drools.” One of them had drawn a cute but almost childlike drawing of a Wolf with an arrow pointing towards it saying Eden. While an equally childlike drawing of what was obviously Baby Yoda with an arrow pointing to it saying Leela. They seemed to be aiming towards two stick figures that had alarmed expressions on their face with big streaks behind them as if signaling they were running away. Arrows pointing to the figures indicated Silk and Cartier. In the center of the board written in big bubble letters with each letter a different color of the rainbow was written “Lesson: Marble Madness.” Leela and Eden then came into view. Eden holding bags of marbles while Leela laid out two clear glass bowls on a long table, much like the ones used in Wrestling to drive people through, but don’t worry today the table would be used for it’s intended purposes. Leela smiled to the camera.

“Hey everyone! So our last promo we spent a lot of time talking to students and our opponents about an important lesson in never giving up, and not letting people tear you down. This time I’ve decided to take a lesson I learned recently to help everyone else understand the team that is Thot Chocolate better, like I now do. Of course joining me. My best friend. The best tag partner ever. Eden Connors.”

“I think after you showed me this I get them better now too Le Le. Which can only help our case against them this time.”

Eden smiles and waves to the camera as she places the different colored marbles on the table. There’s two rather large bags of smaller marbles. One full of yellow marbles and the other full of orange marbles. Then two smaller bags with larger marbles. One full of black marbles and another filled with blue. Leela grabs the bag of smaller orange marbles and holds them up.

“You know I’ve learned about people and their emotions a lot lately. Thoughts inside people’s heads. How negative and positive words and phrases can really affect people. It’s hard to really explain that. So I thought why not teach a lesson that’s more visual and fun. More Colorful! So let’s first start out and explain what these marbles represent. I picked Orange because it’s a warm color. It’s considered positive and upbeat. Imagine these Orange marbles as good thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, and all those other great positive things. Now also imagine they are Thot Chocolate’s thoughts.”

Leela takes the bag of marbles and dumps them into one of the clear glass bowls listening to the sound as glass and plastic collide. The bowl is filled almost to the top with the orange marbles. Leela picks it up and holds it to the camera.

“Now look at this. Imagine this is the thoughts and emotions, and all the great things that Thot Chocolate see in themselves. Pretty great huh? They carry themselves very highly and they have achieved great success outside of 4CW. When you think highly of yourself it shows in everything you do. No matter if others think it’s ego, but things don’t always stay bright and colorful in the world. No matter how great you see yourself there are always going to be negative emotions and thoughts.”

Leela places the bowl down and Eden hands her the bag of bigger marbles that are solid black to the point they barely shine against the lights of the room.

“Now we have these larger black marbles. Black is a color for hateful thoughts and evil intentions. Thot Chocolate wanted everything to be bright and then people doubted them. People called them obnoxious, people said they weren’t good enough. They delighted in their failures, they never celebrated their extreme successes, they made fun of their background, their careers outside of wrestling..”

As Leela named each thing off she dropped the larger marbles into the bowl and by the time she was done and had set the black marbles down the bowl looked like a mixed mess of orange and black but the fact the black marbles were bigger than the orange made them stand out more. Leela picked the bowl back up.

“To the point that this became Thot Chocolate. What do you notice about this? Yeah you still see all that bright orange but what stands out like a sore thumb is all those big black ugly thoughts and emotions. Those marbles. Those jabs and those digs that everyone takes against them. They’ve almost completely overpowered their happiness. All the good feelings they have about themselves. You don’t believe me? Just go watch that last promo and how bitter they were. So bitter in fact they couldn’t even remember who exactly has said what about them. So bitter they flat out made up narratives and put words in our mouths we’ve never said.”

Leela sighed and shook her head as she sat the bowl of marbles back down on the table and looked over to Eden.

“To a degree they seem very confused these days. What I thought was them being ignorant, now makes a lot more sense. They seem to get defensive about everything people say, which must make someone’s life really stressful. But since this business lives and dies with facts, I am gonna play party pooper again. I try to be understanding, loving and giving- but I don’t tolerate people spreading lies or downgrading hard work. So let me be blunt with this, but when have either Leela or I ever said Thot Chocolate sucks? Or that we don’t notice everything they have achieved? Right. Never. So do not mistake us for Bianca Reed and the words that left her mouth. The Girls Next Door didn’t waltz into 4CW spreading our egos all over the floor. We didn’t belittle any of the competitors either- different than certain individuals. Ever heard of the saying: Just because I am good, doesn’t mean others are bad? Let it sink, Silk and Cartier, because with all the love I have in me- that is your main problem. You wanna be alphas when you haven’t even given a good look to the rest of the roster. Including us. Hence the colourful stories that never add up in the first place.”

Eden’s eyes were still focused on all the colourful marbles, as if she saw something that others didn’t. Lazily she ran her fingertips over them.

“Since day one Leela and myself tried to be a motivation to people. Not because we need it for our egos, but we wanna bring out the best in people. We tried the same with you Thot Chocolate. We even started to find excuses for you in tough times, wondering where you both went wrong. But then you made one mistake. A major one at least in my book. I don’t care if you talk smack about me, or try to make me look weak by bringing up my past mistakes. I’ve made them, I remember them. Weird enough you never come for me or my throat. I am hardly of interest to you these days, instead you try to attack Leela at every chance. You try to make her look like the weak link of our team. And because you believe that nice people don’t defend themselves, you sit there with an open mouth when she speaks up. I warned you Cartier, way back when we first met, everyone has a breaking point. Nice people remain calm and collected for a good while. But we’re by no means scared to express our feelings. We probably do it with more class, a word you might wanna check in the dictionary, but we still will be heard. Leela is one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever met, even though you try to make her look like a bully. Yet I am not certain anyone ever explained the characteristics of a bully to you. It’s as easy and clear as mathematics. If you don’t want a reaction, don’t provoke people. Easy and super simple.”

Leela looked to her partner and shrugged for a moment as she rolled her eyes at the thoughts of what Eden had said. Knowing full well what she was talking about. Bianca Reed had said that Reedvolution were the foundation of the tag division and they built it. While giving props to The Girls Next Door for coming into the company. Not once did Leela or Eden claim this.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s kinda crappy when someone tries to say you’re entitled and you’ve tried to prove you’re anything but that. Saying that we..or you know more specifically me because they somehow respect you but throw my name in the mud. But they said I demanded a title match for us because we pinned Reedvolution. When I simply stated that all the teams, including Thot Chocolate had an argument for why they could be the next number one contenders at that point. I even suggested a match between us, Thot Chocolate, and 2HighKru for the Number One Contendership, but I’m entitled. We’re privileged for actually wanting to fight for our opportunities. I’m a bully and we don’t acknowledge them enough. Yet in my interview for Southside I said Thot Chocolate was capable of winning King and Queen, AND I said they were a serious tag team... You know what...besides the point. Let’s get to the next part of the lesson.”

Leela shrugged it off and with a wave of her hand dismissed the thoughts. Remembering the other bowl and marbles. She picked up the bag of yellow marbles and dumped them in the bowl in front of her.

“Now look at this bowl. The same concept as the first bowl, but think of this as all the positive emotions, accomplishments, and the praise we get as The Girls Next Door. Yellow because it’s such a pretty and happy go lucky color.”
Leela was delighted and back to grinning from ear to ear. She picked up the bag of the big blue marbles that were much like the black ones. They were solid in color that they barely shined against the light.

“Now here’s the negative things people say about us, or more specifically only Thot Chocolate. When they claimed we put them down first, but we never had a thing to really say? They told us we hadn’t done anything. They told us we weren’t relevant enough. They’re brushing off a loss to us as a fluke. They call me a bully, they trash my relationships, they trash our careers, they’re super mad at us for not being booked every show, they call us fat but again. They’re the only ones doing that really.. So it’s a lot less negative going in than theirs.”

Sure enough as Leela spoke the Blue Marbles went in, but it wasn’t nearly as many as she had put in the orange marbles. She then picked up the bowl and held it up. The bright yellow stood out more than the Blue but it was there.

“When you look at this yes the negatives are there, but the positive bright Yellow outweighs all that. Now look at the Orange Bowl. I guess I would be bitter, angry, and jealous too if I looked over and saw a bowl like the one that represents our team. That in spite of the jabs we still manage to shine and not let it phase us. The lesson here is simple folks. Understand that Thot Chocolate has been made this way by all the negativity and they’ve let it eat away and steal their shine. While us? We don’t let their negativity get us blue. We stay shining bright, and that’s why we are going to beat them again, because we continue to learn about the competition while they fall back on the same tired lines and thought processes that caused them to fail in the first place.”

Leela placed the bowl back on the table and turned to Eden.

“May I add a little something? I would have earlier but I am delighted by your fire. I’ve to go back to Reedvolution once more. How come that two people that claim they are such a strong team, Thotty’s, are kinda never agree on anything? Silky boy tells us it doesn’t matter if you pin the champions, it’s like no big deal. While Cartier speaks a totally different language. This is kinda what I tried to point out in the first place. How can one function as a team if A doesn’t know what B is talking about? Let alone agreeing. But, we both were raised better.”

She looked at Leela for a moment.

“We are not filled with this green monster called jealousy or envy. We’re happy when people succeed and make the best of themselves. That is a quality, folks. No matter what you fire at us, we stay true to our beliefs. We don’t bend or break to become the trend of the month. Sometimes this business has a lot in common with charity events.”

Eden leaned forward to grab some of the yellow marbles. For a moment she rolled them in her hand before placing them in the Thot Chocolates bowl. Leela looked somewhat surprised.

“Allow us to give you some positive vibes in hopes you get your heads out of your arses. It’s really not that hard.”

“As you can see clearly. The marbles are in our bowl and your bowl? Looks like Cincinnati Bengals colors, and you’re definitely not making the playoffs.”