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The Prodigal Son Brings Death
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Anastasia Hayden finds herself seated in a bingo hall. The crowd around her buzzing in anticipation. Just like her, they're excited for what comes next, but for different reasons. The 4CW Championship could just be seen on her shoulder as she was glaring just past the camera with a violent intensity. One she'd adopt again in just a few days. And just as the crowd's buzz peaked, they fell silent. Except one lone voice.


The camera zooms out to reveal Anastasia seated at a table in this bingo hall. Not a single ounce of wrestling to be seen on this Saturday night. She sighs as she tears up her bingo sheet and looks to the camera.

"Blood, maggots, guts, and violating someone; just one cum comment away from hitting a Dakota Smith bingo. Shame."

The elderly woman next to Ana glances at her, not as proud about the punchline as Ana, but the champion isn't all that bothered by this loss as she stands up. The 4CW Champion heads out of the main room and finds herself a quiet hallway to set up in. Ana takes the championship off her shoulder and holds onto the belt by its strap; just out of view so the focus is on one thing only.

"You are, if nothing else, predictable. And truthfully, I almost don't blame you. Almost. You've reached the top of the mountain, you've been there, and you know we're cut from a different cloth. We're the few here that know how to get there. No need to change that formula, right? You fought so hard to stand above everyone else. But then there's the next tier. Those who know how to get right back there. I'm part of that. Why aren't you? What has held you back all of these years?"

"The predictability. I get it, you're a savage, you're a monster in that ring, but the bad news is you're only that to those who haven't figured you out yet. I never have to watch my back around you because you had your chance, you failed. You could have ran it back, you could've been the man who beat me instead of Viduus, but you didn't. I understood you the moment I first set foot in 4CW. I figured you out right away. You can take the beating, you can take the bleeding, but guess what, Dakota? So can I."

A quick smile from Ana that's mired with memories of her own brutal encounters across the wrestling world. Perhaps not all as graphic as Dakota's, but the champ has paid her dues and that's good enough for her.

"But if that's all you ever are, people know what to expect. What makes me different, Dakota, is that I have a desire to prove that I am more than just a sack of meat you can beat up. That's why we are where we are right now. That's why I could spend nearly a year away from the company, but because I had one goal in mind, I wasn't going to take my foot off the pedal. You can flatter me by calling me the best in the world and you know why I call myself that all the time? Because I'm willing to go out there any given night and prove it."

"I was beaten by Bronx, Madison, Laughlin, Mariano, but I came back every single time and I beat them all. Why couldn't you? Why am I meant to pretend that you've ever been a threat to me? Do you realize how fucking weak you truly are? It doesn't matter if you go until the skin is falling off if you can't any do anything to fucking stop it. In your mind, you think that makes you some serial killer bad ass when in reality, you're just a welcome mat that everyone walks on and you do fuck all about it."

A genuine look of disgust on her face and not one that usually follows when talking about Dakota. This is a look that says she's ashamed to share the same ring as the man who's a pushover.

"It's great that Johnny Violence kicked your ass all up and down the arena, Dakota, but I didn't need to do that. And I won't need to do it this time either. You don't hear me boasting about beating guys like Logan Traeger or Hannibal because I don't waste my time with wrestlers underneath me. I don't let them get to me like you have. I mean, look at the fucking state of you. You held this championship for nearly a year and now you're bragging about how badly Johnny Violence kicked your ass? Jesus Christ...have a little respect for yourself."

Another glance mixed with disappointment and disgust.

"I'm not concerned with Eli right now. I had to listen to Madison hype himself up, saying how cool it'd be for him to beat me before my title match against Laughlin, but what happened? I kicked Madison's ass and then I took the 4CW Championship. And here you are, trying to pull the same shit, trying to get into my head, and it isn't going to work, Dakota. At least Madison could say he pinned me. I don't give a fuck if I win or I lose, momentum is bullshit. I lost before Ante Up then I became champion. Why should I care what happens?"

"And you know how else I know momentum is bullshit, Dakota? Fright Night 2018, you were the one who threw me off that cage. You were the one who effectively threw me out of 4CW. That night, you ended my 4CW career temporarily. And what'd you do with it? Like I said last time, you settled for table scraps. You won the Pride Championship, you became a double champ, but if you're not aiming for the crown every single night, why bother? And in the end, you proved me right anyways. You looked unstoppable, you looked like the man you once were...then you lost to Mariano and Tommy. And then you lost to Mariano again."

A shake of the head. The thought of losing to Mariano twice sent a chill down her spine; a thought more disturbing than anything Dakota could conjure up.

"You could have done so much more, but you didn't. And that's the story of Dakota Smith. You do just enough to get by and you're happy with that. I'm not. I put Devlin out of 4CW, I put Laughlin out of 4CW, and I'm just getting started. I'm changing 4CW for the better because being the 4CW Champion just isn't enough for me anymore. You can cripple me, you can crack my skull wide open, but I'll fight back every time because I'm not complacent like you are. You threw me off a cage, you ended my time in 4CW, and a year later, I'm doing better than you ever have."

"You're right in saying that this match is an act of revenge, but not because I'm scared of losing to you. This is revenge because you could've controlled the world when I left and you didn't. You could've been the man you think you are for once in your miserable life. I could lay down in that ring, give you the easiest win of your career, and you'd still find a way to fuck that up because you can't seize a goddamn thing. As much as you talk about it, you're not man enough to get inside me, Dakota, and you never will be."

Ana's glare holds firm as she lets her comments breathe; the champion not looking to pull any of her punches this go around. She hadn't come all this way to be intimidated by anyone in 4CW or otherwise. A certain recklessness in her eyes.

"That's why you prey on the weak. That's why I'll gladly take your hand in this dance because I'll be the man, I'll lead you through, and I know you lack the strength to pick me up so I'll do that too, you fucking pussy. You've done great in Union, I'm real proud of you, but even you must know that it's only a matter of time before you fail to capitalize there too. You sent me to wrestling hell, I had to walk through brimstone and fire to get back to where I belong, and you think I'm just going to give in to you?"

"You make the same mistake that many others who have fallen before you have. You think you matter in the grand scheme of things. You think that my fate will be defined by whether I win or lose. But it doesn't work like that, Dakota. This match will happen, the people of Milwaukee will love watching me embarrass you, but that's it. That's where the story ends for us. Hell, even if you beat me, why would anyone care about Dakota Smith? It'll just be about me and how I lost. Even when I lose, Dakota, I still win."

She shrugs her shoulders knowing it to be the truth. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Ana knows there's a reason everyone wants to beat her and not the other way around.

"And you know, after we cross paths, I hope there is a piece of you lodged in the back of my mind because I want a constant reminder of what I never want to become. You pride yourself on being this calm and methodical killer, but what good is a villain if he gets beaten by the sidekick? So I do hope I hear you scream at me when I start to slip like you have because that it's a very bleak reality you live in. That's all you are anymore, Dakota. A cautionary tale."

As her sentence trails off, the tone of Ana's voice becomes a bit more focused and calm for the story she's getting ready to share. It's a story she's told many times before, the names change, but the actions never do.

"Once upon a time, Dakota Smith was one of the cornerstones of 4CW. He helped lay the foundation to this great company. But I knew it could be better, so I broke through that foundation. I made sure that Dakota and his ilk were nothing more than footnotes in the history of 4CW. The Crooked Kingdom came for me for my blatant disrespect of their history and I spit right in their faces. Dakota didn't learn his lesson when he attacked me at Retrograde, he didn't learn when I beat him a few weeks later, and he didn't learn when he threw me off the cage at Fright Night. When you've set your mark, you take them out for good. You don't do it half-assed."

Like that, the calmness of her voice is replaced with that intensity from earlier. This time she's locked in on the man in front of her. If 'The Butcher' couldn't get the job done, then who could? Ana was eager to pick this fight.

"I want the violence, Dakota. I want you to show me that you can actually fucking do something right for once. You want to spill blood? Let's fucking spill it when I carve my name into your forehead like so many others have done before me and I'll make you my bitch. You've shot your shot and missed every single fucking time. I'll entertain your idle threats all day long, but after Adrenaline, I want you to learn a very valuable lesson that might just help you out: Anastasia Hayden does not miss!"

Almost on cue, Ana lifts the 4CW Championship back up into frame; the belt she set out for the moment she returned. The very same one that wound up in her possession just two months later.

"You're a legend, Dakota, you're in the Hall of Fame, spare yourself any more embarrassment. Join the rest of your washed up brethren and get the fuck out of my ring before you stain it anymore. And do us both a favor, don't ever fucking compare me to you again. We are not the same. I never needed to steal someone's moment to make my own. I never needed a stable of 'legends' to cling onto relevancy. I am not a nostalgic act. I am always moving forward while you're always taking two steps back. You can do whatever you want, Dakota, but you will never beat me. You will never be me."

"Even if you win, it won't be the end of me. You don't have it in you to kill me. I saw what you did to Jeb and I didn't flinch. Your words and your actions are just for show. Shock value doesn't interest me, Dakota. I want results. You try to outdo every vulgar statement and disgusting act because people have just stopped paying attention to you. It's not me underestimating you, Dakota, but it's the entire world and for good reason too. Even Laughlin was right back to work after you. Me, on the other hand, I actually put him out of commission. How can you bring me back to reality if everything about you is fake?"

A rhetorical question. Ana knew Dakota to always be a dreamer when she's only ever operated in reality. The look in her eyes is a serious one. A violent dance was promised to her, she knew she'd deliver on her end, but the same couldn't be said for The Butcher anymore.

"Truthfully, I want you to rip out my heart. But not to show the world what a real champion is made of No, I'd want you to keep it in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you'd actually become respectable again. Maybe you'd stop coasting off the legacy of your name for five minutes. If you can't motivate yourself to be the killer you once were, I know I will. Fuck all the noise about you bringing the best out of me. I give my best every day of the week. You're the one who needs me. 'The Butcher' needs his pound of flesh and if you want some real grade-A quality, stop talking, and fucking do it."

"But your blades are dull and your skills are rusty. Don't worry, though, I'll give you a few pointers when I surgically cut right through your act. I'll put you out of business and the only desperation you smell will be your own. I know you won't underestimate me because you're scared of me. I will be the one who backs you into the corner, Dakota, I will be the one who takes advantage when I kick your head off your fucking shoulders. I will be the one who squeezes out the last gasp of breath your career holds only to be disappointed to find you tapped out years ago."

The intensity rages all throughout her comments, but like her and Dakota promised; it is dying out. But by choice. Anastasia needed to adopt a new tone. A tone fit for a funeral.

"Don't worry, Dakota, after Adrenaline? I'll bury you with the rest of your family."