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And you're the Dirty Rascal
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:39:29 PM »
I hope you're not back to explain
The people around here know your game
Because you're such a letdown

You knock my door until your knuckles bleed
Blow up my phone until you fall asleep
Throw your stones, beg on your knees
You won't get through to me

Cause I'm queen of this castle
I'm queen of this castle
You're not welcome
No, you're not welcome
Won't let you into my castle
Into my castle
You're not welcome
You took too long to get hereÖ

This time we come to a brightly lit kitchen, the tiles that line the walls are almost obscenely white, cleaned and shined up to reflect the less than calming strip lighting that runs across the ceiling. Just above the tiling which serves as a splash guard around the counters and above the stove is a soft lemon colored paint, which has been stencilled over with some a-typical kitchen scene type things. Chickens, little groups of fruit; it almost looks like a farm scene theme in the stenciling which adds all the more to the Betty Crocker feel of the scene. The stove itself is a large old agar style in engine green, already lit and heating up nicely.

Set a few feet from the counters is a black marble top kitchen island, the little flecked colors in the marble also reflecting the light. Atop the island sits some baking items, a mixing bowl, a whisk, a lined cake pan and some ingredients. Positioned neatly between the two areas is Maxx Bennett.

Dressed in a soft, baby pink apron which covers whatever little clothing she is actually wearing beneath and a matching powder pink chefs hat atop her long platinum blonde hair. Instead of looking at the camera, she is running a manicured nail down a page in the recipe book she has open on the counter, thoroughly enthralled with whatever specific recipe she is considering.

"I waited, Kat."

Her tone is soft and sickly-sweet, almost like honey as she speaks yet all the time, continues to read over her selected recipe.

"See, I wouldnít have. But you went and cracked them knuckles and warmed them fingers on Twitter and set about tagging somebody who ainít got no part of this - you fed right into my narrative by running to that faaaaaaaaamily and looking for immediate support, all while claiming you was gonna set me straight.

So I waited. And what you do? Did you drop a tape outlining all the ways I got you wrong? Did you step the fuck up and prove that ACTUALLY, you did some learning on this one and you got some idea who I be after all? Nah; what you did was stick that tail between them skinny lil chicken legs and back the fuck off the second you realised ainít nobody out there looking to fight no battles for you.

Even then, I waited. I gave you a golden god damn opportunity and you said nothing. So now, it's my turn."

Finally looking up, Maxx begins to crack eggs against the side of the bowl, being careful not to spill anything as she lets each egg drop into the base of the bowl. As she starts to mix the eggs up a little she starts pulling other small bowls from under the island and dumps the contents of a couple into the bowl.

"So, since it been my birthday and I got real spoiled, I figured I could make a lil something with the baking stuff somebody decided I was gone needÖ I mean, I ainít the best cook in the world or nothing but since all you seem to be made up of is horse and bull shit, I figure I can do better. So this here Kat, this a mud cake just for you - since you do a better job of dragging your name through it than I ever could."

Not the best joke in the world, but what do you want at this point? Every other person seems to turn mute when sheís booked and Maxx is more than a little fucking sick of that turn of events, so there you go.

As maxx starts to mix up all the ingredients, her jiggly bits get all nice and jiggly for the camera; which is exactly why she's wearing what could barely be called underwear under this apron and nothing else. Surprisingly though the ingredients seem to be mixing fairly well so maybe she really will have a cake at the end of this after all.

"I got some real nice gifts for my birthday too and I ainít about to waste all this fine looking Victoria Secret collection on myself so Iím gonna be picking up this W for all the right reasons and if you know, you knowÖ What can I say, your girl been real motivated lately and I ainít about to let some goth barbie wannabe get in my way.

I wanted you to step out and tell me how I been wrong about you and give me some big talk about who you really are, if for no reason other than Iíd be getting a real good laugh outta it; but you ainít even give me that. Nah, the GREAT Kat Jones returns and thenÖ Nothing.

Now I know a thing or two about being a disappointment and girl you got that shit on lock, I thought that I was the resident queen of girl, the fuck are you doing? But nah, that all belongs to you and I ainít about to try and take it from ya, see as long as you are here. So long as people like YOU keep shitting the bed and hiding from people like me, this sport becomes more accessible. So long as the would-be gatekeepers and self-indulgent cunts like you stay hidingÖ WE got a place. Cause where you seem to act like you above everything, here I am putting in that damn work. While you stretching out them fingers to tweet me, Iím burning through my muscles and training my fine ass off.

And sure, sometimes I ainít get it. I got even odds right now and I lost some matches I wanted to win, cause I wanna win em all. But unlike you I been present every damn time, I been looking down that barrel every damn week and I made damn sure that I was educated and prepared. Any loss I took been converted into another lesson and it taken just months for me to shift from what I wasÖ to who I am."

She slowly begins to pour the brown colored mixture into the waiting cake pan, when a little threatens to dribble down the side of the bowl, she catches it with her finger and sucks the mixture from its tip with a wry smile.

"Where as it taken you years to do what? Regress? Become more and more of an absolute fucking joke and likely a mistke your entire faaaaaamily wishes they could take back. Really, Kat, what the FUCK. How you gonna talk shit like that online then be all, I ainít gonna tweet, gonna handle my shirt properly. Then do nothing.

I mean, I ainít even sure why this bothers me so damn much, aside from the fact that seems like at least half my fucking opponents gone to the same clown school you did and majored in Mine. Yeah, you a fucking clown alright, looking like the same basic goth bitch as half these out here and with less personality than a old ramen stuck to the bottom of a pan. Shit, I hate being this girl ya know? I hate running my mouth like Iím the shit but you ainít exactly leave me no choice in the matter did you?"

With a huff, she turns to put the cake pan in the preheated oven and graces everyone viewing this tape with a nice clear shot of her ass, framed by some royal blue french cut panties. Because really, something interesting gotta come out of this and yíall been patient. Maxx even throws in a little sway of her hips as she slips the cake into the oven and then pops the door shut with her foot.

"Sooo, just like that cake - you about to be DONE."