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2470 - You Can't Break Me
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A roaring fire was contained inside of a large stone fireplace. As fluids trapped inside of tiny pockets in the wood burned, they began to boil and turn into vapor which eventually combusted from the heat, causing a popping and crackling sound. The picture began to widen, eventually revealing the silhouette of a man sitting beside that fire in a large, brown leather, oversized armchair. Leaning forward with the film crew behind him, at first, it wasn’t obvious who was being filmed.

The man leaned forward, escaping the shadows and reaching into the dull lighting that was being emitted by the flames. In front of the armchair was a handcrafted cedar log frame coffee table with a single whiskey glass and a bottle of Jameson Bow Street Eighteen Years on top of it. He grabbed the bottle of Irish Whiskey by the neck and pulled the cap off, pouring the golden brown liquid into the whiskey glass. He placed the bottle back down, leaving it open as he shifted his focus onto the glass next to it. Slowly taking a sip, he pulled the glass away, holding it within inches from his face as he smacked his lips.

“It always amazes me how one man’s perception of reality can be so different from everyone else’s,” the familiar hoarse voice of Chris Madison confessed. The film crew panned over the room, giving the audience a profile view of Chris as he stared into the glass he was looking at as if he was studying every edge. “There’s no denyin’ that Eli Carlson has etched his name into the 4CW history books as one of, if not, the greatest singles competitor to ever step foot inside of that ring. Anyone who can look at his body of work and try to argue otherwise is an absolute fool! But bein’ one of the best doesn’t make you immortal.”

“Despite what many of us would like to believe, we’re all just cogs in the machine. No matter how great, no matter what accomplishments, this business will always continue to live when we move on. Eli Carlson is no different. Contrary to his own beliefs, he is not the be-all and end-all of professional wrestlin’. I thought Winter Wasteland would be a wake up call for him. I thought that when his body quit on him, he’d understand that this streak is vulnerable and inevitably comin’ to a heartbreakin’ end.”

“Unfortunately, a man’s pride can be blindin’.”

Chris put the glass to his lips and tilts his head back, allowing the whiskey to slide down the back of his throat. With the glass still firmly in his grasp, Madison twisted his wrist and wiped his lips with the backside of his hand. He placed the glass down, causing it to clang as the bottom hit the wooden table.

“Anyone with two eyes and at least half of a brain could see that at Winter Wasteland you were a different man. That chip on your shoulder that you compete with on a nightly basis disappeared and we finally saw a man whose emotions were overcome by desperation and self doubt. Minute by minute you hit me with everythin’ that you had in the gas tank and I continued to fight, I refused to roll over and die like everyone else that you’ve faced over the past fifteen months.”

“I get it, there’s nothin’ for you to gain by standin’ there and admittin’ that I almost took from you everythin’ that you’ve been workin’ towards. That kind of vulnerability doesn’t translate well when you’re tryin’ to portray yourself as the single most dominatin’ force to ever step foot inside of a 4CW ring. Sometimes the truth hurts and it’s far easier to lie to yourself and everyone else than admittin’ that a moment of weakness ever existed. You won at Winter Wasteland. The final moments of that match were of no fault of yours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help but wonder, what if? What if the official decided to let the match truly play out as is and didn’t ignore my finger on the bottom rope? What if that overtime fall didn’t count and the match was allowed to continue?”

“I guess I shouldn’t be bringin’ up the obvious, right? I should just be gracious that the almighty Elijah Carlson shook my hand after our match and granted me his blessin’ to move on from him and the North American Championship. I shouldn’t be pissed off and motivated to keep comin’ after you and that championship, just because you said so? Well I’m sorry Eli, but much like in our Iron Man match, it’s not in my DNA to just give up and quit. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again!”

Madison smirked as the determination in his eyes flared up like bursting flames in the fireplace. It was suddenly apparent that Chris Madison had his sights on the North American Championship and he wouldn’t rest until he accomplished that feat.

“The thing is, if the roles were reversed, I would expect you to keep comin’ at me until you got the job done. I know, comin’ from the guy who has lost both of our matchups, it might not hold much weight. But neither does this circumstantial comparison to Jett Wilder. That’s truly the best that you have? Honestly, I expected better… You escaped Winter Wasteland with a tainted victory. This isn’t some baseless claim that’s bein’ tossed around to make up for my own failures. I should have been able to do more, I should have pushed through the pain and got my shoulder off of the mat. I admit that where I failed to pick up the victory, you did enough to squeak out the win.”

“But that doesn’t mean officiatin’ mishaps should just be ignored… Don’t believe me? Walk into Wallace’s office at Adrenaline and ask to see a different camera angle than the one that was broadcasted! The unfavorable outcome is what it is… I’m not lookin’ to have that erased. The only thing that I’m askin’ for is another opportunity from a fightin’ champion! The fact that you’re so quick to try and degrade me for refusin’ to move on tells me everythin’ that I need to know about you Eli. You’re scared. You worried that at Adrenaline, your precious streak that you’ve amassed in this desperate attempt to outshine me and my accomplishments over the years is in jeopardy. It means more than anythin’ in the world to you and you’re afraid that you won’t be able to replicate what you did at Winter Wasteland.”
“Your time at the top has clouded your judgement. The fact that you can sit there and look at the two matches we’ve had, both match of the night award winners, and believe that you were never at risk to lose is insanity. Maybe it’s a case of if you repeat a lie enough, you actually start to believe it to be true. Aside from those closest to you, people saw weakness in Eli at Winter Wasteland for the first time in a long time. Probably the last thing you want to admit goin’ into a 4CW Championship match against Anastasia Hayden at Retrograde. Regardless, the fact remains, Eli’s path to the throne is far from set in stone!”

Madison once again reached for the bottle in front of him. He began to tilt it towards the glass but froze for a moment. He shrugged his shoulders and put the bottle up to his lips, taking a swig. Madison kept the bottle in hand as he leaned back in the chair, staring at the burning fire in front of him.

“I’m glad we can move past your phony display of respect so quickly - that lasted all of three shows. It was never sincere… You know it… I know it… Everyone watchin’ knows it… If it was, you wouldn’t want our match to end the way that it did. If you truly respected me, you’d be just as pissed off about the botch in officiatin’ as I am. That’s not the case though, is it? No, you’re more than satisfied takin’ that win as is and movin’ forward. As for me, I should just be humble and never step in your path again...”

“You can’t expect for everyone to just step aside because they’ve lost to you. In fact, it should be exactly the opposite. Instead of shooing away the competition, you should be buildin’ them up, lookin’ for more. You should be beggin’ for everyone to step their game up and find the fight within to compete at your level. No worries, I don’t need motivation from you. While you stand there and condemn me for my actions, warn me that this is now about makin’ an example out of me because suddenly you need to seek out retribution and vengeance, I welcome you with open arms. Adrenaline one-eleven is goin’ to be another five star match between two of the best this company has ever seen, whether you care to admit it or not!”

Sensing that the fire wasn’t quite burning as high as it could, Madison rose from his chair and walked over to the fireplace. Next to it was a black Iron basket that had a few pieces of chopped up wood in it. Chris plucked one from the basket and added it to the fire, allowing it to grow. Madison placed his hand on the stone, holding himself up as he took another swig from the bottle of whiskey he held in his other hand.

“I have all the motivation that I need. Perry Wallace in all of his infinite wisdom, was gracious enough to put us in this match right before Retrograde. All I wanted was another opportunity. Didn’t think it would come so soon, but here we are. Whether you take me up on my request of puttin’ the North American Championship up for grabs or not, I’m goin’ to walk into Milwaukee with the expectations of finishin’ what I started at Winter Wasteland. There will be moments in the match when you’re imposin’ your will on me, but you’ll look into my eyes and see a man who is not intimidated by you. You’ll see a man willin’ to take everythin’ you can dish out. You’ll see a man who is urgin’ you to bring more.”

“That’s somethin’ that you just don’t seem to understand about me. This has always been me. Even durin’ my time of dominance, I took my lumps and fought through the tribulations to become better. The same could be said right before I took part in the South Beach Brawl Cup. I was down on my luck, losin’ matches that I knew I shouldn’t have been losin’. But I kept my head down and busted my ass, eventually beatin’ Bronx to win the 4CW Championship and successfully defendin’ it against Dakota in the finals. That’s my legacy. Not some undefeated streak. I’m the guy who can find himself in a rut but work his way out of it and achieve anythin’. I AM LIMITLESS!”

“You, you’re another obstacle to overcome. Even though you’ve twisted the confidence I have in myself as perpetual lies and empty promises, here I am at your doorstep, eager for another go! At this point, I should have just taken my beatin’ like a man and accepted my new found role in 4CW, right? WRONG! For someone who has had such storied success and a long history in 4CW, you still have so much to learn! There’s nothin’ you can do to me Eli that is goin’ to stop me from comin’ for you. I have proven over the years that I can endure anythin’ thrown at me.”

Madison stumbled over to the armchair that he was sitting in, spun around, and plopped down. He leaned back and held the bottle of whiskey up. He places it down on the coffee table without taking another sip.

“This is no different. No matter what you throw at me, we’re goin’ to keep revisitin’ this moment...”

Madison pointed to the ground as he slid to the edge of his seat.

“Every single time we face because neither one of us will ever change who we are. You on one end of the camera, head held high, chip on your shoulder, tellin’ me about a legacy that I’m destroyin’ by bringin’ my fight to you. Me on the other end of the camera warnin’ you that you can never stop me from pushin’ forward. And that’s the truth Eli, perhaps the one thing about me that you just don’t understand. For me, it’s never been about wins and losses. You can beat me over and over again; but with every loss, I’m pickin’ myself up, brushin’ myself off. Everytime I hear those curtains startin’ to close, I’m grabbin’ them with both hands and rippin’ them wide open!”

“I’ve never been the kind of guy that grovels at the feet of another man or woman. I have far too much respect for myself to ever be in that position. If anythin’, I think that’s a sentiment that you can resonate with. But as long as there is breath in these lungs, I will fight. You think you know me Eli. You think you have everythin’ figured out. Truth is, we’ve barely even scratched the surface!”

“For Wallace, we’re a guaranteed money maker. Of all the names that have come through those doors, you and I were the only ones who were able to assert themselves over the rest of the roster. People will always flock to the arenas to watch us go toe to toe. Every opportunity he gets, he’s goin’ to put us inside that ring across from one another. It’s our performances, our ability to time and time again step in that ring and deliver awe-inspiring matches, which separates us from everyone else. You don’t need to like me Eli. Honestly, I’m not all that fond of you. But I have no shame in respectin’ someone’s game. When we’re finally through, you’re goin’ to respect mine. And not that half ass pat yourself on the back bullshit charade that you tried to pull at Winter Wasteland. You will come to realize that no one in this company pushes you to your limits like I do. Not Dakota, Not Laughlin, Not Ana…”

Madison tilted his head and rubbed his palms together, allowing for the anticipation of his match against Eli to show.

“For me, this will never get old. Beat me twenty-five hundred times, I’m still comin’ back for more Eli. Because at the end of the day, no matter how bad you want to, you can’t break me!”

1x 4CW Champion
1x 4CW Pride Champion
2018 South Beach Brawl Cup Winner
2018 Hall of Famer