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I'm the Queen of the Castle
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Hush, little baby, drink your spoiled milk
I'm fucking crazy, need my prescription filled
Do you like my cookies They're made just for you
A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too
Ashes, ashes, time to go down
Ooh, honey do you want me now?
Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed
Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end

The little grey plastic castle sits dead center in the plush garden, winding little pink topped turrets barely reach up into the sky; the small child's toy looking humorously disproportionate  compared to its surroundings. Little sprouts of daisies, dandelions and other wild weed type flowers curl towards the walls at its base. The solid plastic blue door, let down like a drawbridge almost inviting. If you were to crawl on your knees to enterÖ No real surprises there that Maxx is willing to get on her knees to get somewhere, but thatís really besides the point.

Pretty little white crested birds hang out in the bordering trees, adding to the Disney Princess vibe of the whole scene as they trill dainty tunes into the air. Clear blue skies giving the false sense of warmth against the rolling white, fluffy clouds. But the bite of coolness in the air hangs in the form of dew on the plush green grass of the garden area.

The plastic white chair that usually sits empty inside the castle has been over-decorated with cushions and trimmings to such a degree that Maxx can barely sit in it - and thatís the reason weíre going with, clearly this has nothing to do with this being a child's chair and her ass.. Not being the side of a childís chair. - But sit in it she does, donned in a gorgeous pink gown with crinolines so thick and piled that the skirt has the appearance of a bell, poofed up around her in the seat. She finishes the look with a plastic, pink, fluffy tiara resting atop her platinum blonde head and shimmering pink lip gloss on her already smirking lips.

"This, right hereÖ This is how you see yourself Kat.

See, I done a lil research already - a real foregin concept to you too, but we gonna get to that later - see, I done a lil research on you and one thing stands out. Girl, you really think you somethin huh? Like, donít get me wrong now I am allllllll about women empowering themselves and all that good shit. But thereís self belief and then there is just being straight up fucking delusional. You really think yourself to be some lil 4CW darling, so ready to skip right over the fact that you been in and outta here so many times the only kinda gate keeper you ever gonna be is the fucking Door Man.

I mean, shit girl; ainít not a single person out there who thinks 4CW and thinks Kat Jones but you ainít let that stop you, huh? Wriggling that ass into a spot ainít nobody in the world see you in and making sure you scream real loud bout when it wiggles to. Hell, sounds rich coming from me to call someone out on attention seeking but DAMN

Senpai, teach me your ways.

Only, really donít. Cause even I ainít need the level of reassurance and attention that you seem to. Patting yourself on the back and acting like you somebodyís princess when really most people ainít even remember when you are here; which is saying something when people like Genie ainít so much as been near this ring for near on a year and they still getting called a face of 4CW yet here you is, making some big return andÖ."

Maxx pauses and looks to her left, as she does there is the gentle sound of crickets in the grass. As she turns her head back to the camera she deadpans for just a second before giggling to herself and giving herself a little applause to go along with it.

"Now, I ainít wanna repeat myself too much cause that is ALL you, literally, in every fucking tape I watched of you. Same words, same shit, different name. Honestly you could just slip a old tape up against this one I'm making and ainít nobody gonna notice the difference, but I digress.

You really do think you something special around here, but yet when you made this big ole comeback they did what? Put you up against some nobody with less traction than me, which really is saying something. A gimmie for the gimmie girl. Got me over here debuting against Champions and facing off against 4CW giants like Manny. And Kat Jones, the so-wished daaaaaaarling of 4CW smacked into some nothing match nobody even remembers on the damn show.

But I got no doubts you still gonna the gate-keeper fantasy out your back pocket now you facing me. Iím 2 for 2 right now so you gonna haul ass out in front of that camera and flick your hair and throw them hands on them hips and drone on bout how you gonna be the one to send me back out the door, gonna prolly go with some empty revolving door bullshit and repeat the same stuff I been hearing since I rocked up here.

But unlike you, Kat. I ainít no quitter."

Maxx punctuates her sentence with a little giggle, shaking her head as she runs her hands over her full skirt. She takes her time to smoothe the skirt out, little particles of glitter floating about in the air around her, wanting to allow a beat or two for those words to really sink in. Her eyes follow the movements of her well manicured hands before she looks up to the camera once again.

Despite the outcome of her last match, Maxx seems just as determined as always and perhaps a little more confident than she has been in the past when it comes to being on camera. A newfound control in her words and actions, in spite of her mixed results so far.

"And Please, save the whole; I left for new challenges blablabla cause ainít nobody believe that either. Wandering over to some other company where you failed to make an impact all over again only to trot back with your tail between your legs begging for that old spot back. You ainít a big shot here, you ainít a big shot there, you ainít really much more than the lil runt of the little crawling bout on her belly under the tabl;e hoping for a few scraps that the bigger dogs ainít get.

Which is a interesting analogy, not cause you a bitch which WELL, but cause you sure seem to think that family mattersÖ When you need it to. When you want attention, when you need reassuring, when you need the world to see that SOMEBODY believes in you which honestly is a lotttt more often than it should be. You pull the faaaaaaaaaamily card. Now, maybe I just ainít get it cause my family ainít in the industry, maybe I ainít get it cause my family ACTUALLY my family, I ainít really sure. But how many times you gotta say my brother, my brother, my brother, my brother, before you fucking realise ainít nobody care!

Aight, cool. Once upon a time Cy Riddle was a somebody around here but Kat, hon, you riding that longer than even he been trying to. I cannot Imagine why the fuck you think that it makes you look cool, or good, or special to ride someone elseís decade ago achievements but holy fuck you ride em like you a $10 hooker tryna make rent."

Lifting her hands, Maxx slowly unwinds her blonde strands from the grips at the side of her Party Palace tiara, being careful not to tug on her extensions as she removes the crown from her head and brings it down to chest level - since thatís likely where at least 10% of the people watching this have been looking anyway - tapping her fingers against the cheap silver painted plastic, causing some of the silver glittery strands and pink fluffy to fall free of the framework and onto her lap.

She takes a moment to think over what sheís said, watching as the strands are picked up by the cool breeze. Pink and silver dancing together in the silence of the moment. She couldnít imagine doing that, leaning into th achievements of others as though they were her own. Maxx was a woman who had made her own path and she was tired of acting like the butt of the jokes. A renewed seriousness in her demeanour as she spoke, her eyes still on the fluff floating in the breeze.

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown, thatís what they say, ainít it?

But nobody says nothing bout the girl who slaps the crown on her own head when nobody is looking. See, I heard all you had to say bout the expectations on you and like I been saying, its all just bullshitÖ But, that ainít mean for a single second that I ainít taking you seriously. Cause while you gonna lean into them old faithfuls and talk bout how you the one with something to lose here and usually I would be inclined to agree?

Not today.

I gotta be the first to admit I ainít always seem like I take this shit serious and, on occasion, I really ainít take it serious. I ainít the girl who loves the camera when it comes to the night of, I ainít the girl who tweets hundred and seventy two times bout her upcoming match. I self promote but it ainít on grain, it ainít what people expect to see or nothing; but it is what I do and its bout time people stopped seeing and that and thinking I ainít want this.

Cause I WANT it, Kat, I want to be someone who makes a damn difference round here, I wanna become a mainstay. I wanna earn my name on peoples lips and not forever be the chick who Manny flashed her vag at the crowd and that shit takes work, that shit takes time. Time that unlike you I am actually willing to put in to this shit. I got a taste for it now, in the beginning it was about proving that I could do it.

I shrugged off a lot of the shit that was said, the way people discounted my training or my passion for this, laughing along with the jokes cause all I really wanted was for someone to see I could do this. I was naive, it ainít taken me long though. To get it, to see that just doing it ainít enough. To realize that just doing it ainít enoughÖ It was never enough.

Now? Itís about proving I can be damn good at it."

Pressing her hands down on the edges, Maxx snaps the shitty little tiara in half, the cheap little toy is quick to splinter and fall apart in her hands. Maxx smirks, looking at the broken pieces in her palm before rolling her eyes and tossing the pieces into the grass on either side of her as she shakes her head.

"Not cause I want your spot.

Not cause I give any kind of a fuck about being a darling, or a gate-keeper. Shit, this even stopped being about proving people wrong. Itís about something you donít get and you sure as shit donít have. Faith in myself, in my abilities, in my drive. Self belief the most powerful thing in the world and win or lose, you best believe mine has been building. And now?

Well to borrow a little something from your playbook Kat? Now you gonna be the one who suffers for it. The one who feels it, you, Kat are gonna be the one who becomes my example of what I can do, of what I could always do; only difference now is that belief I got in myself.

It ainít gonna matter how many times you ask big bro to tell you that you can do this. Ainít gonna matter how many times you call Perry, Daddy or none of that shit. What is gonna matter is all that rust weighing you down, not just on your limbs, not just in your moves, but all that mental rust you gotta overcome.

So bring it all Kat, every line, every family member, every trope and every same samne move you been using for the whole of your career and make it fucking COUNT. Be the girl you keep telling people you are. Take all that weight you put on yourself and make it so other people see it too.

You wanna be the princess, you wanna be someone people think of when they think 4CW? Then fucking act like it. Cause under all that bullshit is a decent wrestler, under all the attention seeking and distraction techniques is someone I wanna fight, someone I would be proud to beat. A name that actually could fucking mean something if you just got out your own damn wayÖ


You beat a nobody?

Big deal."

And with that Maxx stands from her seated position and gather the masses of material in her skirt and the petticoats beneath it. Bunching them up in her arms she reveal a pair of dirty old converse underneath, pulling her leg back she punts the front of the castle with the toe of her shoe. The plastic structure creaks before the front gives way and falls into the grass before her.

A small smirk on her lips, Maxx stares down the lens of the camera and breathes out her parting words.

"PleaseÖ When this match is done, donít leave me saying the same."

Nine, ten, never want to see you again
Eleven, twelve, I pull off black so well
Shit behind the curtain that I'm sick of sugarcoatin'
Next time you're alone, think fast when you grab the phone
Ashes, ashes, time to go down
Ooh, honey do you want me now?
Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed
Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end.