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Spring Break Has Come Early
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:54:36 PM »
Bet yíall thought I was just kidding around on Twitter. Spring break has come early folks.

4CW will be going on a very very very very very very very long break for the foreseeable future.

To make a long story short, I just donít have enough time to be a fedhead for the foreseeable future. Itís time consuming to run an RP fed full time and I just canít give it the attention it requires to do so properly or give the handlers the attention that they deserve for the work that they put into their writing. With what little free time I do have to myself Iíd rather be doing something else other than being a fedhead.

I probably should have posted this a day or few before now but here we are. It wasnít an easy decision, but one that I had to accept after sitting on it for a few days.

So for the time being, itís sad to say that Iím going to have to put a hold on 4CW continuing to run with Adrenaline. I wouldnít say 4CW is closing completely with another project about to get up and going but as far as me running a fed Iím done. Iíll still handle my couple characters and make people mad online but thatís about it for now. We had a good run but itís about that time.

As far as Adrenaline E111 and the in character part of this whole thing, I honestly donít know what to tell you as far as an in character reason that makes sense. Disney on Ice I suppose. Iíll run with whatever yíall go with if it isnít retarded.

I havenít even read all of the RPís for this show. I only have like one match that Manny sent in. I definitely havenít even attempted to write a single word for this show. So for results, what do yíall want? Sometime (canít give you a firm day) I can post winners and whatever segments there are. Or we can chalk it up to Disney on Ice since it was already mentioned, I donít fucking know.

Drop a reply with what yíall would prefer with this show and weíll go from there.

My apologies.

Donít hate me.

And yes, I will still help some of yíall out if I can.

I do thank you all for your work.
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