Registered Name: 4 Corners Wrestling
Established: November 2013
Corporate Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

4 Corners Wrestling is one of the wrestling industries leading promotions. We use the full power of our experience, talent and production to deliver a high performance product of unrivaled quality and value. We distribute our product exclusively with Showtime, a premium cable and satellite television network. Our team is dedicated to be the best at meeting the needs and expectations of our fanbase.

4CW was founded November 30th, 2013 by Perry Wallace after winning the powerball lottery and taking just over a quarter of a billion dollars after taxes. In need of guidance, Perry turned to Frankie Morrison, former Chief Financial Officer of 4CW. Starting off as an independent promotion, 4CW has gained mainstream attention in the business while growing as a trusted brand.

4CW holds two bi-weekly regular events, Adrenaline and King’s Road, as well as bi-monthly pay-per-views.

Making its debut April 14th, 2014, Adrenaline is 4CW’s flagship event and currently runs to this day with six annual pay-per-views.

Starting out in the southwest region of the United States, 4CW has gained national exposure and tours the biggest cities in the country. After a solid three years in business, 4CW on occasion will tour outside of the United States, expanding our footprint on an international level.

With our roots deep in the southwest region of the United States, 4CW will always consider the following states the foundation of 4CW: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Our entrance stage for Adrenaline is simple. We host our events in large venues with a minimum capacity of 10,000. We offer lighting effects, smoke, and pyrotechnics. Above the entrance curtain we have a large screen made up of four separate smaller screens.

The ring is made up of light gray canvas covering the top and black sides with blue trim. The ropes are black consisting of three horizontal with blue turnbuckles and covers. The commentary booth is located on the opposite side of the ring, across from where the entrance ramp comes in.

A lifelong fan of wrestling, Perry has always had a love for this sport. After winning the lottery and bringing home just over a quarter of a billion dollars, he decided to put his money to use and open his own promotion, paying big money to top talent. He tends stay behind the scenes until his presence is needed, or he feels the need to address someone publicly – whether right or wrong, but mostly in the wrong in everyone’s eyes but his own. With a background in public relations, he promotes 4CW heavily with his knowledge and experience.


Oswald Pinkman is the president of Oswald Personal Protection (OPP), a private security firm offering services to the rich and famous. Oswald was hired as personal security for Perry Wallace, overlooking the safety of the CEO and those close to him.

Antonia Patton is known to be the therapist of a certain person with a magnificent forehead. Her personal connection to Perry Wallace has opened the door for her to lend a helping hand inside the wrestling profession, primarily with 4 Corners Wrestling.

Steve Johnson brings over 20 years of experience in commentary to 4CW. He has been employed in various promotions throughout the years. He is an expert at what he does and knows the sport better than anyone else in the business. He’s calm for the most part, hardly ever using vulgar language, but will in times that force a reaction out of him.

Vinny Vassa got his start in the business back in 2004, where he first met Steve Johnson, and the two have been a team ever since. He brings a little inappropriate humor to his style as well as a deep passion for the sport. He is unfiltered with his vocabulary, what most would consider to be offensive and sexist at times.

Once 4CW inked a television deal, management hired Gabriel Hartman to conduct backstage interviews and report the news revolving around the promotion. Hartman has many years in this business, from managing talent to commentary. He will speak one on one with signed talent to voice their opinions to the followers of 4CW. It is rumored that Hartman is in fact homeless, traveling from town to town with 4CW living out of a suitcase.


Mike Powers, longtime friend of Perry Wallace, used to handle all of the music and sound effects for each event, as well as announce competing talents for entry and winners of matches. Now Mike only plays the role of ring announcer, moving from the DJ booth to ringside for every event.

Larry Collins calls it how he sees it. He is an unbiased asset to 4CW with his strict ruling inside of the ring. He will not be intimidated by competitors and won’t hesitate to disqualify if rules are broken in disregard to his authority over the ring.

Laroy Jones has hired with no previous experience and trained directly underneath Larry Collins supervision. Although he is inexperienced, he was hand selected by former General Manager and Vice President, Frankie Morrison.

Logan Whitby has worked the circuit for independent promotions on the east coast. With an impressive selection of matches under his belt, 4CW reached out to him and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Patrick Murphy was hired to fill the fourth officiating position, replacing Christopher Salieri after his release from 4CW after allegations of tampering. His history is a bit rough, known for altercations with talent who pushed physical boundaries. Like Larry Collins, he isn’t one to be intimidated, and will fight back if he feels threatened inside of the ring while performing his job.