The core of what will be judged should be on-screen. You can use some off-screen development but the majority should be on-screen and relevant to the match, 4CW, and/or any storylines revolving around 4CW and your character. It is preferred that any off-screen character development focus on the character and events that can relate to their involvement in 4CW and how it affects them personally.

Roleplays will be judged on a 60 point scale. There are a few key factors looked for when judging roleplays in 4CW.

  • Relevance – 15

  • Promo Strength – 10

  • Entertainment – 10

  • Creativity – 10

  • Development & Continuity – 5

  • Character Portrayal – 5

  • Readability – 5

  • Does your writing reflect the current match you’re in and opponent(s)?

  • Does your writing reflect events in 4CW, past or present?

  • Does your writing reflect what’s going on with your character outside of the ring that is still relevant to their involvement in 4CW?

Relevance is the number one thing looked for when judging roleplays.

  • How powerful can you make your characters dialogue directed towards the opponent and current match?

  • Does your writing keep the reader entertained?

  • Does your writing keep the readers attention?

  • Is your writing creative and original?

  • Do you use description?

  • Do you roleplay blind?

If your opponent has already posted their roleplay, do you write yours without needing to go off of theirs?

  • Are you developing a story for your character?

  • Does your writing build off of previous writings and events concerning your character?

  • Does your writing build off of previous events in 4CW?

  • Do you portray your character correctly to their alignment?

  • Does your roleplay flow well and is it easy to read?

One of the major concerns are huge blocks of text, whether it’s dialogue or description. When writing your roleplay, does it jump all over the place or does it flow well from start to finish? We understand that grammar mistakes happen. We do not count off for this as long as the piece is still readable and the mistakes don’t disrupt the flow.

  • Is your roleplay realistic and does it make sense?

The majority of roleplays for matches should be recorded and aired for the public to see. We understand that some things happen in roleplays that you wouldn’t necessarily see on unscripted television. Some of these things go with the character and can be done if done the right way. If you are unsure about this, please contact a member of staff, each situation is different.

  • A .5 point bonus will be awarded for each singles and tag roleplay that is posted at least 24 hours earlier than each deadline.

  • A 1 point bonus will be awarded for writing segments for the shows. Whether writing one segment or five, only 1 point total will be awarded. Only 1 point will be awarded to a tag team, not 2.

  • The bonus points are applied once the judging scores are averaged.

  • There will be no bonus points awarded for championship matches.

Roleplay limit for each standard singles match is 2 per character at 2,500 words each with a 5% overage available of 125 words per.

Roleplay limit for each tag match is 2 per team at 2,500 words each with a 5% overage available of 125 words per.

Anything over the allowed word overage will be penalized. There’s a post about this pinned on the forum which explains in detail. In depth details to this rule will be posted here throughout the week as updates are being made.